Blippi Explores the Pacific Science Center | Educational Videos for Toddlers

Blippi spends a day exploring the children's museum of Pacific Science Center. A fun day of learning for a great Blippi educational video for toddlers. Blippi learns about animals for kids, Insects for kids, Space for kids, Science for kids, and more fun things in this fun Blippi video. This fun Blippi children's museum video is a great way for children to learn through video. Blippi makes educational videos for children with fun explorations and educational songs for toddlers. Thanks for watching Blippi videos and Blippi songs. Be sure to subscribe to Blippi at fun educational Blippi children's museum / Blippi play place video here:


Edwin Bonilla jr

Garrett's rocket was the coolest😎


Loved the Panda stunt devil...


I’m the human controller

sakura kitty8

Holy shit this is Jk rowling's story. the menus even say HP

Lakshya Dokania

DUDE, you guys are PERFECT

Dorien Lans

7:03 what does he mean with "try my best"

Crissy Munoz

Is it me or did he get uglier...?

Justin Finley

Cody is my favorite dunk


“I don’t like kids” “I have already secured a job as a teacher”


"dem donuts tasty as shit" haha


Roller champions looks good.

WhoAreYou Tv

3:00 theres guy with a book called WAYS TO FLIRT??? WTF

Jill Mitchell

2019 anybody

Michelle McGraw

You gave Diamond the best life a dog could ask for! She was so loved not just by you & Nate, but by millions of others & especially us OG’s that have been around since the My Space days! She was so such a sweet & beautiful girl. Rest in sweet peace Diamond. 💔😢

Chad B

I'm a Raptors fan but I still hope he's alright

I love ❤️ this channel

Megan McAfee

I don’t like how seriously this movie seems to take itself

anderson seay

yourvery good

viridiana espinosa

Idea for video

Mathias Nyby

what the fuck!!!!! origins ending?. that was so amazing. i didnt know you could beat zombies

Awful madden plays.

But 500k fine though??? Ca mon


Dude had a full grown ferret on his face


I sleepwalked to the toilet once :D


I know it's Hideo Kojima but was that actually him speaking English coz I heard he very rarely speaks English

Tobias Ols

Luna means half moon


I think the radroach on the toilet was a reference to alchestbreach with his businesses radroachs

Sascha Hamburg

This has nothing to do with a "Long Drive" they only use a Driver

xxmohamedxx basrawi

why is Tyler hacking

Evelia Saldana

I love u guys so much u guys inspire me to do thing better in life and i am so thankful to have all of u love evelia

I’m Bella

Do more of these please


Awesome. Good job like always 

NOICE098 ,

Hey man nice vid but question did any of these actually make you jump

I get it if she's meaning that:

Midnight Rain

The drawings it's so good and her friend's brother has those sickness he cannot walk this weak and he can't talk he always has to be in the carriage

Nate Steigmeyer

You guys should do a trick shot from the Seattle Space Needle!👍👍


I am cheering for Austria

Nicholle Grajeda

It doesnt matter what shape and size you are YOUR PREFECT THE WAY YOU ARE!!❤❤❤😊

And there are a lot of men that dont care either. So wrong.

Akane Taiyo

Hahahahaha I'm so proud of my freaking country 😶

nor extortioners

Trigger101 !

2019 anybody


Did you just call me fat??

Mc. Rawrzee

7:00 Look at all those chickens. Nice subtle edit

God of Thunder

I am downloading right now

Cyrus Uploads

Welp i have depression 😢😢😢😢

Queen Moroka

I am 11 yrs

Collin Chrzanowski

I know the panda

Jimmy Gatens

well i can do that if i had gloves too. lol