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Bitcoin is called the currency of the Internet: it is a new, peer-to-peer exchanged, decentralized electronic form of cash that can also be described as a "cryptocurrency.".
LadyBytes, the female Reddit member who gay male escorts la started Girls Gone Bitcoin said she wanted to start it to teach more women about bitcoin, and: (.) I also saw the potential for employment. .
Oz explains: I blur my face because of the progress of facial recognition and reverse image search technology.Fortunately, Bitcoin doesnt judge what kind of line of work you are in as consenting adults should be able to make their own decisions.In the UK, the exchange of sexual services for money is legal - but public soliciting and owning or managing a brothel are crimes.The most famous example is Reddit's nsfw community, Girls Gone Bitcoin r/girlsgonebitcoin, nsfw).FindFace facial recognition technology is thus avoided. .The world's oldest profession met the world's youngest currency as escort agency Passion VIP announced it now accepts payment for its adult companionship services in bitcoin.Since then, amateur couples on "Cam4BTC" and various other adult performers have posted to Girls Gone Bitcoin when they offer live online sex shows in exchange for bitcoins.Passion VIP has a stable of fit male and female companionship workers, all available for in-house services or outcall visits - but the service is careful to state on its website, "Please note that this is not an offer for prostitution.Bitcoin has been mildly popular as currency for adult online "cam" work in the past few years, where clients pay for live adult entertainment - usually shows or sexual interaction, and with individuals rather than agencies - performed via webcam.Bitcoin has helped Oz, an Australian male escort working out of London, to get over these legal obstructions.
In 2013, the website became one of the first escort agencies to use the cryptocurrency.

Few personal details are exchanged when using Bitcoins; it's simple and efficient and a safe method of payment.PayPal is not convenient either as Oz details to the.Now, thanks to the digital age they are overcoming obstacles preventing them from working in the escort business.With the popularity of escort services online and impending legal implications towards these workers, Bitcoin is the perfect fit for sex workers cheap independent escorts in delhi just trying to make a living.Bitcoin Pseudonymity Protects Users, oz isnt the first escort to utilize Bitcoin to overcome legal hurdles.In fact, a male escort from the UK explains how he uses Bitcoin to bypass restrictions in his field of work in an editorial published by the, newStatesman.However, cryptocurrency has given Oz an advantage as he uses it to bypass banking and PayPal censorship.For clients the advantage is that it is totally anonymous.Once the client's payment is processed, Passion VIP calls the client back with a confirmation and the date is set - with no one worrying about payment, theft or counterfeit on either side of the transaction.Passion VIP site nsfw) told us, We felt there were probably a lot of people out there who had Bitcoins and no way to really enjoy spending them.
Bitcoin exchange Paxful has taught sex workers on BackPage how to use Bitcoin as well when credit card companies refused to do business with the website.
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Its not an easy process to teach his clientele about Bitcoin, he explains, but when he gets them to learn about it, he prefers to be paid this way.
It also means that escorts are not handling large amounts of cash, reducing the risk of theft or robbery. .
The page also includes basic information about bitcoin transactions and links for people who want to learn more, or open an account.