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Catrina Rhea

Coby sucks at battles you know that ty

mick Madan

front flip

Defying Gravity

Banana swirl I don't know what that is Banana swirl

Dunker Hall

Why were baggy shorts the thing in 2013.

Brayden Shepard

In 1:25 call it the swisher


"Didn't know he could be nice" b*tch he's done nothing but be nice to u....honestly dieeeeee

RC- King

5:16 is so funny 🤣

Yuri Ruvalcaba

Lele is the best...I wish I was like her...💛💛💛

AZ Upload

Should keep the beard

lolipop queen

Who do they do this stuff 🤔

Ethan Tolibas

this music is so chill

chelsea calma

Parang wattpad story lang, tulad dun sa a place in time :<< condolence ate. Stay strong po :(((

Ruairi McKenna

Uploaded on my Birthday!


I am just here shooting some toys when my two other teammates are fighting for their lives.

Jerk My Crank

lol the end

Shannon Wade

come to charlotte for a hornets basketball game halftime show

Minimum Brad

Twin ring buster...

that imperfect one

I can relate to Mary waayyy too much

Aya Freij

I have 74 hours to live 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Klyd Viernes

wow thi is so sad

Sophia Magcalas

14:23 who else saw Cody's armpits

Alessandro99ITA [RAVN]

The cutest is the giraffe easter egg

Daddy Topi

Well, looking at the comments and keep asking myself, how are people capable of writing comments but at the same time not capable of reading ( look at the beginning of the video)

Bo Andresen




Chanda Flower


JokerJax 1027

Carson wentz


This actually looks pretty damn fun

M&M Playz

What about her dad is he in jail or what?!

Guilherme Dal molin

BatmanVsuperman...*insert XD or other form of expressing how bad it is

Demderpyllamas I

Cory haha

Raelene Jury

Coby all the way. Yeahhhhhhhhh

Wyatt Biggar

holy cow they are young!