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Click here to Subscribe to our channel: more Kannada Learning Videos.Here are the names of birds in English and Kannada.Check out other videos from my channel:Shapes in Kannadain KannadaAnimals in KannadaAnimals in Kannadain Kannadain Kannadain Kannadaof the Body in Kannada - External Partsof the Body in Kannada - Internal Partsin Kannadain KannadaProducts in Kannadain Kannadain Kannadain Kannadain Kannadafruits in Kannadain Kannadain Kannadain KannadaSigns in Kannadain Kannadarelated terms in Kannadain Kannadain Kannadaand Non metals in Kannadain Kannadain Kannadain Kannadain KannadaTerms in Kannadain Kannadain Kannada- Kannada is a South Indian language spoken mainly in Karnataka. Kannada is not to be mistaken for Canada which is a country.

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