Big Bang Teams Start The First Task - YouTube

teams solving the first puzzle, get it, see what i did, aren't i adorable.from season 7 episode 3 The Scavenger Vortexno copyright intended, entertainment reasons only

Alaskan Aspen

The "mom arm" made me laugh so much!(My mom does it too)

diego altamirano

wth with the halo odst easter egg omg

Shadow Coyote



Who is this? Lex Luthor??


“We were barely 16 back then” Llévame contigo (Woah, oh oh)

redsox fan360



Holy shit thats a soothing voice. I was not fucking ready :o


great video like the cabin in the wood easter eggs and e.ts keep it up!

Brennan Solamita

I think Dude Perfect and Furious Pete need to do an episode together! Anyone else with me?

Have a bad life or good one.


Football and Helicopters, a day well spent.

David Cristerna

thanks for the videos! I love your music taste!

Gimme a unicorn that farts rainbows and I'll fuck some shit up! XD

Suci Solihati

Aku pengen kaya dude perfect mantappp salam dari fans indonesia

• The guy who has no clue what’s going on AVOID THEM!

Wait thats illegal

GoPanthers 22

It was not a checkers

Nathan Hill

fuck u minecraft xbox

Angel Morales


Irma Lorena Villalobos Valenzuela


SoaR RaDoN

Captions at 0:45 lol

Ruth Estrada

Half of the time i feel nothing to sad stuff when it explained the man was dead i felt NOTHING WOW IM HEARTLESS

Aidan Doyle

Me being from Wisconsin makes this entire video a whole lot better


These guys are sport-nerds

Will always find a way to cut you up and murder your faith (Woo)


Anyone who sees this I wish them 5 years of good luck and no hard times🙏🏾

Bobamaster48 Stone

Cody’s baseball fail! I mean come on!

Universal Sushi

Germany will win the world cup 2014

Uncle Spice

I bet Trump funded it lolz