The five arrested people were described as the king-pins of the operation, but Mr Bate said more "underlings" may be charged.
Superintendent Philip Green said the workers were essentially slaves.
Sex slavery and other human rights violations have occurred in Victoria.".The Age 's investigations have revealed that a string of licensed brothels that have repeatedly drawn attention from police have yet to face any consequences from regulators, including the lead regulator, Consumer Affairs Victoria.Bad Points: Spa - Not enough hot water to fill the bath.Our new podcast series from the team behind Phoebe's Fall View episodes.Detective Superintendent Jouning said there were no indications that the involvement of organised crime syndicates in Victorian licensed brothels was widespread.Loading "It's our view that this is not a large issue, but the exploitation of women in any sense is intolerable he said.Wherever theres money involved you will track crime, he said.Its modern clinic escort day slavery.So it seems the friction that sparked the South Melbourne fire may have begun years ago among enemies who once were friends.As the Park St had a spa decided to accept even though more expensive.A woman is in police custody after two apparent massage parlours she was operating were revealed to be brothels.
A spokeswoman for Consumer Affairs Victoria says serious criminal offences such as under-age sex work, sexual servitude, drug-related offences or immigration offences are referred to state and federal law enforcement bodies."In circumstances where Consumer Affairs Victoria obtains solid, court-admissible evidence of brothel licensees or approved.
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Police swooped on addresses across the city on Tuesday, arresting five people and charging them with living off the proceeds of crime.Someone is making a lot of money - and it is not the women selling the sex.Now, a joint investigation between.He believes this is uncommon but should be mandatory, as it would help authorities detect illegal immigration and investigate possible cases of sex trafficking.Yet despite the raids and despite her witness statement made in November 2010, which became public in court in August, both Regarding House and Madam Leona's remain open for business.Unhappy with response I received from Reception (different person to check-in) when I contacted them.Detective Leading Senior Constable Glen Hatton, of the arson squad, says investigators have now ruled out electrical faults and say the blaze was not an accident.Superintendent Philip Green told 9news there are a number of brothels operating as massage parlours across Melbourne.If anyone wanted to hurt Kim, says Hatton, they would have done it by burning the place down.