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Ryan Smith

megresto1 shut up. idk what ur talking about but everyone else thinks its real.Your mom doesnt love you and you were adopted ok, just dnt talk anymore

Eissa Alrashdi

Im too small for gym

Krzychu Gąska

2 sp00ky

Gasol B+

Majd Esmar


[M] M1J5F

(10:25) Bryan never got hit.. but he said he go hit? 😂🤔


Dude perfect do a video with A.J. Green

Hotaki Kun

thats creepy dude

Cats: meow

Reza Maulana

Looks like a giant dick for me lol

Даниил Kryt



Gurus dead

Horse Dick

GTA5 is just better in every way...

adrian maulana

It's so cool

-Fake news-

Quiver boi?


Shark on, shark on!!


i had my period for more than a month straight with heavy fluid and went to the doctor, they werent really surprised and didnt give me anything hopefully this doesnt happen to me anymore

Jeongyeon Jisoo

This is actually a really beautiful trailer. It’s pleasant to watch. If you paused (almost) anywhere, you could get a wallpaper out of it.

Jimmy Chen

I now hate you

Exploding Creeper

It was like the same thing for me when I was in prep and grade 1 I always got bullied punches kicks you name


cop from the top comment of the last vid....


Is jacksepticeye like your favourite youtuber?


Loving the TFK!!!

Diego Vaquero

American football


dude i swear you one thing The only stealth-action franchise close to MGS' level was Splinter Cell, and as a tribute to the way of the past, a way that we'll never see again, Ubisoft put that reference in there as a final goodbye to the series that first inspired them.

Chanda Flower

Next episode?