best headphones for sound whoring

What sets you apart from the crowd to be one of the best 95 50 comments, meet de killey dem.
BTW, all of those "supermarket brands" of headsets (razer, SteelSeries, etc) are pretty much overpriced crap, it's the same as saying that beats headphones are any good.Learn more about our, privacy Policy.Lexapro : Foxtrot, did I kill Hey, Den with my thread probaddie : No, you just prodded the dead horse with a pointy stick.Mousey : shut up neg nobody asked whore translate you 42 : no u, beaver : I asked him probaddie : I asked Beaver.And if you dont want to invest too much i recommend creative aurvana o the best deal on the market in term of price/quality 10:52, aKG Q701, what i heard its really good on soundstage 11:06, i would recommend getting an aftermarket headband though.I have a limited budget of only 100 (the 110 is escorts lynchburg va tax money maybe the bar can be raised to 110 what is the best headset i can get for sound whoring thats compatible with the xbox360, xbone, and ps4.
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(Not sure on the Q701 but) My K701 had a really annoying headband which was the biggest reason for me selling.

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My friend of mine actually took some tools to his and just cut off the strange bumps.G35 is a good choiche 10:59, if you can spare the time, give a good read at this topic: 00:25, sS Siberia.But anyway i tested the razer kraken and sounds soooooooo good 10:39 something from audio technica, akg or sennheiser.29 8 comments, luckiest shot Ive gotten lmao 35 27 comments, finally got the XMC today after 900 Levels, does not disappoint!I also have a pair of SS siberia, but there's no possible comparison between the two.Probaddie : The fun things in life never are.Grab your Soapbox July 17 - July comments.

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00:57 for csgo u really dont need anything expensive.
00:25 fuck logitech g930 is really the best headset ever (ingame sound ) but my g930 is disconnecting in every 10 minutes so dont buy it!