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We were running in 3rd overall in the New England Forest Rally (with a gear box problem pressing on to finish Stage 4 when I turned into a tighter left corner and downshifted.
After a quarter-century, youll also know much of the lore surrounding the Escort RS Cosworth.
Figures dwarfed by even todays Focus ST, but the big turbo meant big lag and then big boost, for a startlingly exciting power delivery.The Dawn of Creation.Once the fast Ford had come to a stop, a fire sprouted from the engine bay, with Block and co-driver Alex Gelsomino managing to escape before the flames engulfed the car.Finding a standard Escort Cosworth slut whore cum is quite a challenge these days, and the degree to which an example is standard, original and low on miles hugely influences the price you should expect to pay.Richard Meaden, evo 157 Find Ford Escort RS Cosworths for sale on Classic and Performance Car.Of course, the first thing you do when youve got the keys to an Escort Cosworth in your hand is to gape at that mahoosive rear wing.Understeer is there by the bucketful but late braking and a bit of ragging mid-bend sharpens things up no end.KEN blocks rallying escapades for 2018 have been cut short, after he crashed his 1990s Ford Escort Cosworth rally car and it burst into flames.The custard paintwork never made it onto the options list, which was a small mercy.It was also quite yellow.Welcome to, better Than Coffee, your daily dose of car sounds designed to help you kick that caffeine habit.
Then you take a photograph of it, taking ages to find the angle that demonstrates it best.

And then you remember that 227bhp isnt that much anymore, so you readjust your expectations to a more appropriate level because the Cosworth doesnt feel very fast at all.Oh boy, has it still got.The familiar 2-litre turbocharged engine also saw tweaks - in went a new Garrett T35 turbocharger and a two-stage intercooler.We landed on our wheels, and I was ready to get going again because we were shiny side.Nor was it any old Cossie; it was the very car that the development team used to sign off the whole project.My introduction to the Escort Cosworth came courtesy of Fords heritage fleet, the manager of whom was daft enough to lend me one to have a play.And the sound isn't bad either.The need to keep it on the boil is foiled not only by turbo lag but by a woolly, obstructive and imprecise gear change.Whatll she do, mister?You know exactly what youre getting with an Escort Cosworth - monster A-to-B performance and the attitude of a right hook to the jaw.
Wild day for @AlexGelsomino and.
Prices have certainly gone up since evo did a full buying guide on the Cossie (issue 042 if you're interested, way back in April 2002) when it was still possible to find cars for as little as 10,000, but todays entry point of around 20,000.