BEDIAHENE - Asante Akan Ghanaian Twi Movie

Click to watch part 2 is a Ghanaian kumawood Akan Twi movie.Starring;Produced by;Directed by;Please subscribe for the hottest, latest and most exciting free kumawood Twi, Akan and Asante Ghallywood movies and Films. We promise to bring you interesting African Twi movies from the best production houses in Ghana and Africa as a wholeAshanti Films And Twi Movies gave their best to offer this Free Akan, Twi Movies which is a must watch for all lovers of Asante, Akan, Twi Ghallywood and African Movies and Films.Sil vous plait souscrivez aux Films Africains et Movies Akan, Asante et Akuapem Twi lesplus chauds, les plus recent et les plus excitants du "Ghanaian Ghallywood Twi Movies And Akan Films".Nous vous faisons la promesse de vous apporter les Films Africains les plus interessant produit depuis le Ghana, le Asante et des Films de l'Afrique dans son ensemble comme vous les aimez et dans toute sa purete Filmatographique noire.Ces Films qui sont les Films les plus regardes, les plus sollicites, les meilleurs et les Films les plus actuels sontofffert gratuitement par la "African Films Asante And Akuapem Twi Ghallywood Movie" aux amoureux et passionnes des Fims Twi et Ghaneains que vous etes.

Lil Craank

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Hey Guru, i just want to say i love your work, videos and montage. Keep calm, you're doing it great!



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You guyz are multi talented!


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Midspace Fox

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The skull is most likely a ghost rider reference, in the second movie the skull gets very dirty like this and is obviously on fire, yet the whole place was fire and lava

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