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After some sticker application and a quick seat adjustment, I took the car for a brief drive down a tarmac road near Bryces house.
Australia Posts: 1,379 Gents, Graham Robson's excellent book on Cosworth the search for power advises BDA is belt drive A series and FVA is four valves series.My BT35 utilises a BDE, which is iron block, 1790cc on Lucas Fuel injection, then there came the alloy block to allow bigger bore to go closer or up to the F2 maximum of 2000cc, these were termed BDF and BDG, again on Lucas mechanical.Does someone know the correct answer?Having said that though, the Xsara or the Focus WRC for that matter has never gained the cult following that the BDA Escort ever did.Escort, i was to drive in the rally.90 Similarly, it is clear that in the second figure angle BDA is acute from which it follows that arc BA is less than.
We made very few changes to the notes supplied to us (which use the computer-generated Jemba system apart from adding additional information such as keep in, dont go wide, etc, and putting in a few extra cautions.
Actually, there were (I think) some 1 litre versions built some time later.

07:42 (Ref:1205365) # 1, steve Holmes, racer, join Date: Feb 2004, new Zealand.I considered it for a moment, and then explained that when I was his age, the Escort RS1800 had won the World Rally Championship.BDA and it completed the final amore escorts six days of the event without missing a beat.At the end of the day it was still just like any other Escort to drive (although a lot noisier and a lot faster!We were again 10th fastest and headed back to service before the final two gravel stages of the day, held around 40km south west of Waihola.Ford BDA, before the company was founded John worked for Roger Clark for more than 10 years, Roger a Ford works driver became one of Britain's best known rally drivers.Currently, ten airlines operate seasonal or year-round scheduled services to Bermuda Airport from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
From rallying to racing the Wilcox BDA has been used around the world in all forms of motor sport.
Business, bDA is a record label.

This set the standard in the 70s which other manufactures took many years to match.