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The Grant and Bo Show


comments filled with 13 year olds who probably have 0 experience with abuse and think that its just parents drinking alcohol and swearing:

Charlie Tacos

I’m glad I don’t have OCD

Mohammed Mohiuddin

Who is that cute panda! He/She has so faith in you! standing steady!!!

Elizabeth Hayden

That’s how I felt in my last relationship

OG Sheldon Aka Jone

awesome you are best on world

Kathrin-Maria Samarra Stehle

Maybe in this new movie we will see how elsa gets her powers and perhaps to understand the past of their parents how they meat when they were young I guess.

Delano Trip




Fantaisa Doodler

Worlds longest slingshot

ruby zebra

I the puppy

Dmitriy Aristov

I hate everything about this

LOTR in 2 sentences. How many films did it take to tell this story? :^D

Mohamed FARIS

do a top 10 cutiest easter eggs in video games ... i would like to see that but if you dont that fine 😀

WeirdBird Playz

My mom is mean and bad she yells, she hits me in the head

Justus Ondara

2018 anybody

I'm smart.

Azi Deia

took his phone away!!! took his phone away.....

Aidan Carter

So true

Mana Sligger

ty for warning us (JUMPSCARE)

Parker D


Braedon Wong

Who is the panda