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Fred Jensen

No fish were harmed in the making of this video except for the ones for dinner


look how close that wing got to the ground at 5:02


I like your videos before i even watch them I've been here since 5th grade and I'm almost 16 now. I love you guys and your dogs with all my heart!!! Your videos always make my day without fail!!! I'm excited to see who or what you add to your family next!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARBLES!!!! also can you remake kermits music videos for your next video i use to watch them all the time none stop.

sai baba

I like last shot


You are filled with DETERMINATION

Berdst friend

Wow so incredible how the black ops series has ALWAYS the same shitty easter eggs, where 80% is just music. Whatever i'm not a hater, hell no... but these easter eggs pretty sucks, only a few are amazing as the game itself

annie g

Your a fake friends u should of just told the other girl to not talk bout her


Could you please make more music Easter egg videos!? At least just one?

M Izzul Iman

7 years later we'll get to play the game since its first reveal, hopefully I could say it was worth the wait 😊

Danilo EFN



+DudePerfect the only thing I want for christmas is to meet you guys

Mohammed Sam

Too much informations, keep a little for your self mate

Nguyen Hoang Quan

hey you could make a video now.i've been waiting for 14 days

Evette Esqueda

Dude perfe is perfect

Donna Olson

Sadly he did not make make it but the team I would want him to go eagles

Havri Horse

Fantastic video as always :)

Brainwave 101

E3 Is almost upon us, we know that Ubisoft will be announcing a new Splinter Cell, they couldn't have brought Ironside back for such a minor role.

N00by Art

My brother and I were born 3 months early and had to stay in intensive care, but neither of us have any major health issues.


are you a trump supporter?

Ryn Riel Pojas


Luke George

I play pubg

TDR Yaro

Check out latest track please 🤲🏾

Karla Huerta

you are the best

Angelina Kenny

How was she 10 but not know what paralysis is?

javed iqbal

Dude, that was Perfect!

Sophia P

Saw more of gremma, kinda ship

Ethan-a-a-c 112

Anyone else thought ty was a giant

I.G.I Studios

5:30 someone should make a creepypasta about it :3


I would do something with water balloons.


And 4:18

Olivia Barrett


Zed Harith

Oh God, would people stop with the freaking yes jokes. I've seen it to many times these days. How many times would you people be satisfied.Also me: Yes.But seriously, please stop.


I wonder how many awesome easter eggs were programmed into games that people never found. Było OK, bo Polly cały czas przy mnie była, pomagając mi w zerwaniu i mówiła, że wszystko będzie dobrze.

Steve Berglund

Coby will win a battle🥺

Umut Usug

Hope you get better soon :(

XxGachaxWolfXx YT

This is so sad