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TYPES OF STUDENTS WE ALL HATE: to school is around the corner and in class, you may have noticed the different types of students. From the know it all to the annoying love birds, middle schools, high schools and even colleges and universities have some unique kinds of students. Let us know which student you are and if you know any of the ones we mentioned! Subscribe to YouTwoTV // to YouTwoVLOGS // shout out to everyone that helped make this video possible!Mundheep: us on Facebook //us on Twitter //us on Instagram //Follow us on Snapchat //@harjitwashere@sincerelyxjazBusiness Inquiries //youtwotv@gmail.comMusic by Sickick //for watching YouTwo TV! Make sure you check out YouTwo Vlogs for behind the scenes!If you read this far, type "CHEATER CHEATER PUMPKIN EATER" in the comment section below. Lets confuse everyone! :)

Angela Lay

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Kaythia Star

Been diagnosed for years. All the "help" not helpful. Meds for depression and Anxiety, not root cause. I quit "help" and medicated myself for BPD specifically. Slowly teaching myself and healing myself. I'm getting better. Mood Stabilized, gaining better copeing skills and recognizing triggers (big thing there). Glad you found a professional who cares and wants to genuinely help. For others who have been struggling with this for years with no end in sight, do it yourself. Get strong. You can do it. (OMG its a pain in the ass and soo slow! But you can!)

Michelle ‘

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sister shook

Ive have depression and im 14 so i guess im gonna have to wait 4 more years til i can get help.


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Provilization Affirmative

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