Baby Shark Song Nursery Rhymes for Children with Baby Songs!

Cameron Schichtel

I think they should do a go kart battle 2

Alex Christiansen

i don't think people realize how hard these shots would be..

Jarrod Brown

it wouldve been kool if it had john marston grave in the cemetery saying wen he died



ESPNjr Jax

Shave you hair off wheel unfortante

Noelle Geno

I love how kylie and her sister (i think) were just putting there arms around each other and laughing, like i thought that the Kardashians (and jenners) disliked each other

aidil zeus

No great

Jason Lindsey

*BiltByTitanDarkness song

Kaila Raye

LOGANG 4 life!!!

The Duck Gamer

Great Video!


But I guess it's ok

irma alcalá

Wtf I was 12 when Frozen came out, I feel so old now.

cake master

My life is garage but now it can get better!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Its yee boi

I was wondering why i havent seen a recent vid from you in my sub box, damn youtube makes ye hit a bell to actually get notified.

Jhilam Adhikary

I wanted to leave my best friend but i was scared

Nim _doesgames

Ash is my best friend online and I didnt know this happened until she told me and I am still shaking knowing she had to go through this..💔

Gballer 07


Phil Swift

These sick shots make me want to play baseball

Jewel _Garnet

I hate war ,war ruined are lives

Kaden Thornton

my parents already have to worry about money and my little brother and knowing them if i told them they would probably think "its all thier fault" or "were not good parents" and i dont want them to worry and stress more than they already do

llenn a.k.a p90 loli

naruto approved this


Many times, Introverts are seen as boring, shy, quiet or lazy because they don't want to party or they are casually hanging around the back of the club. They're not being rude, they just handle fun in bursts and would rather enjoy a nice book or watching their favorite Netflix shows. Of course, this isn't ALL introverts. Just like how every person is different, every introvert is as well. Some introverts have no issues with public speaking or meeting new people. But they will plan out their moves and think about outcomes, actions and things to say, which is opposite from their extrovert counterparts. Gets nike ads

Bryan Arroyo

Everything is good exepct voice acting and graphic in the storyline

Iker1009 Rodriguez


luna sofia cuartas guerrero

temazo mala suerte el que lo leea buena suerte el que le de like

Zooming By

usa all the way

LionMan436 Africa

That was sweet


It says launch missiles

Surendra Jadhav

Dude you are really perfect


Hey Guru, some guy on Machinima, CrazyFilmMaker, he's using your clips for his own show, relating to Easter Eggs also.

Until 10 years i was phisicaly abused like:slapping, pulling hair, mentaly, verbaly, if she had something whit me and if i tried to explain ik that i'll get myself more beat up. Even she was looking in my school bag and if i said something, jll get hair pull or even slapped for nothing.

Skiillez 1

The title should be The Legend of Zelda: Final Stand of Ganon

preston white

What's the pandas name


The "Boom Headshot" got me 😂😂😂

Dee Hubbs

My mom&sis are both very petite&the doctors said they had great bodies for childbirth. My mom is 100lbs and had me (an 8lb baby) in 1hour. With my sister 24hrs later her body snapped right back. . So i completely get the transformer analogy! 😂👏


Do you mind if I ask what you use to edit?

Shahda Lasvegas

From kerala India

Paul H. Kircher III

You mean you met.


I just like to smile...Smiling's my favorite!