Baby Panda's Child Safety - Play With Animals, Learn Safety Knowledge - Educational Game for Kids

Baby Panda's Child Safety - Play With Animals, Learn Safety Knowledge - Educational Game for KidsDownload Linkknowledge is extremely important for children! Every parent must ensure that their child will learn it! This is a game that is specially designed for children. It helps children to understand safety knowledge for various scenarios: on the road, on a trip, in the outdoors, and in emergencies. These scenarios are close to what happens in real life. Safety on the road: Children must understand and apply the principles of obeying traffic lights by helping animals cross the road when the green light is on in order to successfully complete the game. Safety in the pool: Children are taught in the game that they must not swim in dangerous spots. They are also required to understand some simple principles of first aid. Ride safety: Children are required to fasten the seat belt for the animal. They can also enjoy the pleasure of traveling somewhere in an automobile. Safety in the outdoors: There are some risks even with playground equipment such as the swing and the merry-go-round. Children can only pick up safety knowledge by playing certain games.--------------------Go to Kidsbabybus HDto find good and fun educational game for children. ---More Video---More videoPet Café Feeding Puppy - Learn Colors With Fruit Juices - Sago Mini Babies Games ANIMAL RESCUE - Play Vet Tools & Help The Injured AnimalsPlay Professional Doctor ToolsFor Kids & ToddlersMakeover, Hair Salon Fun GamesPlay Amazing Doctor Tools - Funny Doctor Gameplay Android

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