Baby And Mother Play In The Play Area - Educational Video For Kids

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Brady DeLap

is that slingshot still there wherever it is


There is some sad stuff in this story.

Landan Oakes

This is so funny. You come in to america as an illegal immigrant and think you do not get deported. xD HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Lil bob da door nob

I feel you I’m like this too


7. is probably my all-time favorite Halo easter egg. I mean, you get to fly a pelican and a phantom! How cool is that?!

Kyle McSweeney

What was funny about cool not cool is that Cory didn’t cool his own thing

Nintendo Meta Knight FTW

Water Bottle Filp Edition #2016

Suskevlogs 567

I have one of those toys

Haiden Andres

World I subbed to you

Sonia Lopez

What the heck is a condom ?

Roan Johnson

I’ looked at this to try and help understand what my SO is going through but I realized I’m experiencing most of the symptoms listed

Jesse Simpraphone

@271310104054 how ,they showed it on tv and proved that it is real


Why are white people so sensitive? They have the MOST problems! No rasicts tho, just an opinion.


10th please, thank you.


Wait so she’s depressed that here hair is gone welp I’ve officially lost all faith in humanity


What if the guy had a medical issue?


my first video ive seen from you guys and you got an instant sub from me. hilarious content I love it

It is Cleaning the mirror in the background and messing up pewdiepies mirror

Zachary Clark

Who ships James (theodd1sout) and jaidan (jaidananimatioms)



Lil_baby Diamond

I love how she said “I’m so selfish for caring about my relationship with her instead of the society” no that was not selfish because by doing that u saves the next little girl who could’ve been touched by that man

Keep the very good work up man. :)

- Third day: * Ovary take out a club and start whacking everything* Major leaks day

big daddy

i need a movie based on this now


the best thing about these videos is how damn exited you get that you made it, and the world knows it took you like a million tries before it actually goes in.

Rich Wood

You guys tryin to put Texas Roadhouse on the map or outa business? Outback for me! They just serve a better steak.

thatyoung blood


Yeti08 Flick

Soccer won

Day When you smile you can breathe

Ethan Le-Ha N

Rage monster is so funny 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

Adam Wilson

tell Johnny roll tide

Rohiza Abidin

Your ex-husband is a son of a b#####


not gonna lie, I couldn't stop watching this video

Derpy Plays

Ya know the world is so not sympathetic nor have empathy toward people with big or minor disability.

Stephen Jordan

Do a part 2 of airsoft.

Because I'm not violent Dx


The worlds longest touchdown pass is offsides...


Emily is such a funny person. I feel like she should do stand-up.

Big Juicer

what is that thing on the bottom of the screen??

Lukas Lindstrøm 4A Skt Klemensskolen


H. Gökhan Doğan

i came to buy some earth from here, in 2 months this place will valuable

Shayna Rubinstein

That toaster is the same one I have two of and I love my toasters that was a good purchase

Paul Sadofsky

Sorry if I am wrong, but this just looks like a highly improbable and fabricated story by the submitter


Kaesar Sm

Good video, but Im sorry, have to be honest with you. Your girlfriend should leave you. Life is too short (most likely)

Haisley Teal

No this was is dad PERFECT

Assasinate Wolf

I whatched it in 2019