Universe: Beyond the Millennium - Planets

"Universe: Beyond the Millennium" is a television series observing astronomical phenomena, research, and theories on the universe and its origins.Narrated by John Hurt.The documentary premiered in 1999 and presents an overview of the universe as humans understood it at that time, and how we think it will evolve in the next millennium.Using 3D computer generated graphics, the series features animated sequences that offer insight into the Big Bang theory and the anatomy of the sun."Planets", a new theory suggests that planets were formed from ice dwarfs or large solid lumps of frozen water.These ice dwarfs were causing cosmic collisions all throughout our solar system.Discover how this latest theory as well as cosmic collisions made earth hospitable and other planets in our solar system so desolate.We have blasted men and machines to our neighbouring worlds.Sent probes to the outer solar system.Discovered volcanoes erupting on the surface of distant moons, visited worlds more diverse than we had ever imagined.We have landed on Mars, walked on the moon.At the dawn of a new millennium, we're at the start of a new era of exploring the planets

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Look, ik there is alot of conflict in the comments but i feel like this video is very important, because u always hear people saying they support gays,les,tran,etc (which is amazing!🏳️‍🌈). But, I feel like it's great to hear what a person with another opinion thinks. You're hating on this poor girl because this is her religion, what she believes in. She never said she hated them or called them sinners or anything. She is nutural with it and is completely chill with whatever, she just has her own opionion. Who cares if she supports or not, as long as she isn't hurting people in anyway (physically/emiotionally). People think because they support lgbt+ makes them an amazing and accepting person, WRONG! This video was a perfect example of people taking things to hard, and not being accepting of other people for their religion. I think this video is amazing and gives voices to the ones who are afraid to give their opionion. Props to this girl for 1) being brave enough to say her opionion knowing so many people will hate and 2) still being kind and treating people how they deserve to be treated, even if they do something against her religion. So please, you can disagree but do it respectfully, how would u like it if people started bullying you because of ur religion? You DON'T have to support everything, but just be kind.



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