ASL Lesson 1


Oscar Grace

I found the after shoot out Easter egg I didn't know what it was

pro flipper 21

Black and white cat is Cat tired bye bye Peyton

Long Chu


MemesR wou

I fucking hate her

Ethanpro Gamer

toy story 2 huh i didn't think about it but yeah it kinda is asmr


You can’t skip the bread! That’s what makes Texas Roadhouse!

Frogs in boiling water


Jack are you going to talk about the avatar 2?

oh yeh yeh

Every time I see a burglar:

Grace Wulff



No school today for meeee!

Cinnamon Sleuth

i guess capcom knew how much people hated otis, so they killed him off



Planet Jaku

You had Math homework in Pre-K?

Wow. A one-piece bikini must be rare since I've never heard of one. So I had a friend from my mother tongue lesson the previous year and I knew she was into anime which I was too. Then later that year after we had our examinations, a few friends and I were waiting for our parents and she too was there. She then talked about porn and 18 plus content. So this year I was bored and sent literally every person a brief "hi". She replied and then we talked normally until she said she was bored, then asked me if I want a nude Pic. I was confused so I just replied with "umm" and she sent it to me. I deleted immediately and told her I deleted and sent pictures of my gallery. She asked why and it made me thought I did something wrong so the next time she sent I didn't delete it. She then shared everything about sex and I eventually got into it. I knew all the terms and the kinks. Later on she said I wasn't brave enough to send a Pic of my dick. So I regretfully did. I did not think much at first but now that I think about it, I got baited. After this incident I reported to the principals of my school and although they were disappointed in my behavior, at least I owned up to my mistake.

Anastasia King

But sometimes we don't get second chances.

Vįvëkã Anand singh

What is the name of the car in last round

ava Hutchings

Dose the golden drone work


DAWM Nice shot

Rose sivan

I'm kind of early tho


1:54 jaja no puedo con Kookie :')....

krollo gaming

imagine living your entire life to one day get caught just to get thrown around hahahaha poor fish


my birthday is March 24


0:48 wait wha-

Thank you!!!!

Chempoh John

But he should have taken gaming as profession... Yup they earn lot 😁😁

Drake Dragon

Before i used to belive in god

Captain grant

Ima big fan of the purple hoser

Slvrr Gld

This video is exactly 1 hour uploaded ago.

Rina Berman

She's so annoying.


You dude perfect you just shot and untel you scor

david Addison

I liked the taste the rainbow shot

Mason Hardie

For those who watch survivor that is what they use for the fire building comps

D Mon

geothermal caverns and geothermal valley.

Leilani Alejo

The video is sooo old

patito loco



Why not GTA 3/Gta San Andreas/Gta VIce/Gta 1/Gta 2.... It makes sense.

Ron Jacobs-Young

We out grow our earth temples we join the universe as positive or negative. Life Force energy.

Dyamond G

4:29 ty popped the other orange balloon! 😂

Tina Hilt


Deniz Just Deniz

Plz Answer



ITs very scared me i dont want to watch it till end :(

Taytem Miller

Go karts


Ol_style69 Gaming

Where was the other twin