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Gee Q Trill


Sebastian the singer



This is why your game is dead


TRH- good steaks. Outback- appetizers and choc sauce on desserts.

void walker

Thank you yes his name is henry

1: Holy shit do they know how to make trailers... Muslims where u at

Dee Price

Yes Wendy!!!!!

Estée Lauder Face & Eye Palette by Violette

Venom Roman

omg!!! I really thought you are going to quit it and I'm like now I have to search for another youtuber who is as nerd as you now i'm happy that you are joking thank you very much for this good work keep it up please I love every series that you made so far thanks again.


I'm surprised the surprisingly useful acquisition of Portal 2's Space Core in Skyrim didn't get included..

Joyce Love

I think the ghost is Arthur Morgan’s ex wife


Must’ve been a great view

individu parmi les autres

you're so cuuuuute❤❤ i love your videos 😊😘😘

About the next year, a guy asks me out. We are “different,” so my parents wouldn’t allow us to be together. I say yes, only because I felt odd and bad, and I was pressured by him and his fake guilt that he can’t handle anymore rejections. I said maybe take it slow, though, but he already spread the word like we were together and I was basically forced and stuck in a relationship.

TheCapri48 Gaming

How many tries did it take tho

carina de hert

Dit is bep

Stone Theis



I hope she makes a snowman so olaf doesn’t feel lonely djsnskd

Beask Man

I’m from New Orleans so GO SAINTS


I believe there are different types of psychopaths I would like to use it in a story I'm writing, I don't know if it's protected or something, so I just ask you, if I'm allowed to do so. It's based on a victorian England, Steampunk, if you know it. ^_^

June Like the month

Breh sound cloud takin down this song left to right


Guru the king👑

This only proves that hardwork is better than being smart quit and get a home job.

Sara Anna-Lisa

I love seeing brands that aren’t in the spot light!!

Marnik Mulder

where do you get those nike footballs because i live in the netherlands

Fernando Mora

23 bounces

Josh Josh

My favorite shot was the last one

Daniel Ly

Bring the pump back

lilrebel 21133

this is how you find your self on TLC my 600lb life

Almedina Mekanovic

dubbed 🤮


The story I want is a girl in a big family and she has a brother that bullys her but her mom always protects her but then she started to feel sick and her brother started to feel bad. And that's the story that I want but you can change it

Mindy Peters


Pato Swag

Why was editer in this


Never pull a woman’s hair

Richard Taylor

Have we considered the possibility that the ditto in the movie is a perfect clone of Mew? I mean, there's nothing stopping a Mew from transforming into a ditto.

Le mythe de la graisse qui bouche les artères est stupide.


Is the red Ranger Billy from stranger things

Old King Doran

this editing and passion to the video is something beyond words, what an amazing piece of art

Gaming Lazerz

also 'both sets of twins