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***Learn the English necessary to get a new job, an international mission, or a better position: how to answer "Tell me about yourself in a job interview" is key to making a good first impression. This lesson teaches you exactly what to say.

Diego Ornelas

2019 if so add a like👍

11) He dies and Joanna is there to comfort you.


Damn bro, killing Jackie is like killing my dog.

William Morse

Only a matter of time before Bethesda just lets you transfer your Skyrim file into Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Would be the best easter egg.

Ivanna Winx Gaming

the last one


I loved this game but I thought the Easter eggs were so disappointing


will you do Easter Eggs at Watch_Dogs?

Rita Tran

Still shows how freaking stubborn he is to the point where he calls school dumb and everything else I won’t state

Blake Kiffmeyer

Ari 4 life🐦

Epic Vevo

Zet Polen en Marokkanen uit de auto en sommige kut Nederlanders ook!

Eleanor Yorke


playergui 1

Im so inscrite you channel


i never thought the camplain woud be so good, and my god, finaly the sniper rifles arent lame annymore

Princess of Toys

I wanted to cry so hard but I was surrounded by my sibilings and cousins , I dont want them to see me cry 😔😔😭

Jacob Wright

Garrett should have sued the restaurant who gave him those bad scallops

Me: Hand cuffed Bruh =/


Can you do some Easter eggs on ratchet and clank and jak and daxter

the lost rose 12

I failed school bcuz of my insecurity.. I havent gave up I keep trying even tho I keep failing




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bubba Manuel06

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Akash Rathod

Upload your videos to People are Awesome club..

Chloe Morgan

I feel this on a spiritual level...

Luna The Star Witch

gurl you about to take my money again lmao great work though Jefree. Your products are like nothing else out there. Your makeup is the only makeup I spend big money on. It's always great quality and it shows you really work your ass off to make it what you envision and what people will enjoy. I appreciate you. <3

Akuma Gacha

This is what people can do to u but just think about how buetiful u are in the inside and the outside

GeBye Jo

whit is song?

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Feeling good!



Cool video bros

Thunder Dog 16

The first video of Dude Perfect was the best one ever

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My mom was there 30 before it happened. Also keep in mind that almost all sites have a lawyer that they hired to help them with such cases.

psyco Neko that her dad in the first profile pic?


screen play awesome

Alexandra Lara

Hysteria comes from the word part hyster- meaning uterus it was used by doctors to describe women that acted “crazy” after giving birth when in actuality they were suffering from postpartum. You’re wrong sorry




Making memories

Matt Fitzpatrick

Did anyone hear Tyler state fuck at the marshmallow dodgeball when he fit out

Art of Oceans

Eny one notice that’s the guy off jarrasic park

Red Luigi

6:45 well yes but actually no

Danii Chan



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I think tyler stand up comedy in under water hahaha😅

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Shocker Cody has a house boat


Jake Whiten


ttv bub

He was undrafted


Love ya guys

But papa. I want

Fadumo Adsalaam

Islam will guide you