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Manny Pacquiao has been training in the Philippines for weeks now and he is showing his fans that he is ready and very well conditioned for his upcoming fight against Keith Thurman.Manny Pacquiao on the speed bag is something to behold. He is looking really focused. People in the camp are saying that this is the most focused and determined Pacquiao in recent years. ----Powcast Sports is a Digital Sports Media Organization. We are an accredited media partner for local and international Basketball, Boxing, MMA and, other sports events in the Philippines.Our favorite topics include PBA, NBA, Manny Pacquiao, One Championship, URCC, Barangay Ginebra, Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James and more. We create and produce sports videos, sports podcast, interviews and other sports shows. We love creating videos, engaging with fans,and talking about sports!Powcast is owned and operated by Pow Salud, a sports fanatic, Digital Marketing specialist, Business Development Manager, Broadcaster, Commentator, Announcer and Spots Vlogger.Reach out to us for any business opportunities or collaboration request: You can also find us here: Website: Website:Store: of our videos are original, however we do use materials from other sources on some of our contents. This video is edited under by Fair use law of YouTube. No Copyright Infringement is intended. Credits to the owner of the images, video clips, etc. If you see your clips and want it removed, please let me know. ------We are changing the game!#Powcast #PowcastSports

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