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Brandon Tran

Why is Cody always the Mr. Excuses


I personally support bullying this kid

Cloud Thief

The bright side is, if AI takes over all jobs, nobody will have to work.

Wildfire Boii

Ty's dad is shorter than he is

Logan Johnston


Feel Fheer

We like you Allen from Antarctica

Congratulations channel !! I do not miss Video and always accompany the easter eggs .

Nelson Alvarez

Where in the world is the stupid dad man😡😭

Eason Chang

You should see mark Roberson dart board

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Jorden MIER

chainsaw by ff5 love it!!


Editor Hyuga

I cried so much

Jake Ritter

DDuDudDudeDude PDude PeDude PerDude PerfDude PerfeDude PerfecDude PerfectDude PerfecDude PerfeDude PerfDude Per Dude Pe Dude P DudeDudDuD👇

Jonathan Martin

did the old guy say hey fuzzy face

Pure Salt

Thank god my mom is a doctor, she would have noticed if I had diabetes

Ben Hoover

Those shots are sooo easy LOL!


You ever seen kenshis outro in mortal kombat x? Looks like hes using a light saber

Live Extreme

He was the only Black person sitting courtside for a second...😂😂😂😂

Mattew Visentin

Por favor coloque a opção de ter a câmera em terceira pessoa, por favor.

Cavee Ocelott



I'm using my dad's account to comment.... SEEMS LEGIT

Koko Mmc

4:32 love the cut back


Why the fuck do they where mask when they do this but when it come to real guns the don’t where masks??

kelly galland


Muhammed Tc

Hey...wait a minute...

BeastGamer 1901

Imagine that the axe went flying out of garret’s hand it will be like whoops


Do you play these games and record all this footage, or do you borrow it from someone else?

David Chen

Everything is possible for Dude Perfect.... For me I can't even throw a football properly... 😭😭😭😭😱

Google User

will smith should be next

Tyler Phrakonekham

The borderlands one made me cry a little just because it had one of the most iconic actors lines in the game it made me feel better just for the tribute :)

The Doge Master - ROBLOX

2019 anyone??

Tate Austin

/gamemode c


odd.. music'ss supposed to play when you see tannis on the fish ._.

Charitabl Animations

/gamerule falldamage false

Eli Sherrill

yall need to ake another one of these


Its not floating, its electromagnetically suspended


Drone fishing battles please

Natalie Schwartz

Does amazon ship Polly’s?!?



Thao Nguyen


Bruno Sibon

I am the hot sand

Huda Sarkowi

Is it just me or the dislike numbers on this video is being hidden


actually on dead island you can also find a chainsaw at the end of the game

Navdeep Singh

It was seriously a checkers game

And want to die

Noah Skaggs

holy crap he is from jurassic world and jurassic park