All about France

Our 8 year old's presentation for our family's annual scholarly feast! She researched all about France, wrote her own script and made this cute video almost completely on her own!

Kendall James Jewl

I have this game

This is how I was told I had cancer at 13, it was the hardest thing to hear ever, and chemo with radiation was hell. But now I’m 14 and I’m already growing back hair. I ended chemo in November and I’m feeling so much better. ♥️

GrapeSuperman 27

What song is this

Tuanku Abdul RahmANJING Babi


Jaden Maxwell

I want that tshirt

Shriya Pandey

I was waiting desperately for this.


GURU your alive

Undead Animations

I have CDO. It's like OCD but the letters are in the correct alphabetical order

Stephanie Roblox

Nice music!

Get hungry jacks think cut chips! 🍟 🍟 🍟


I was just wonder if there ever technically was a Battlefield 1 before this... I guess this is my answer.. I just hope it isn't as shitty as the las two.



Candy Frizzy

Me: I better hear this on the radio

M00N Cloudz

Sub to me if you watch April 2019

Cecep Rhamdani

Amsooriy mayfan

Chris The Reborn

at 2:45 was that the leader of the reapers from just cause 2

i have to add you on skype :D

Seattle Seahawks 55

1:00 cut himmmmmm

Dylan McCaig

Love watching this shit stoned

Javier Fernández Roldán

Espero que eso que se ve en el vídeo no sea realmente el juego remasterizado...