A Level Maths Exam Reaction! | Before & After | Edexcel Maths A Level Paper 2 | Year 13 | - YouTube

A Level Maths student Anna (also known as maths studygram) took her Edexcel A Level Maths paper 2 on pure Maths this morning! Here she gives us her honest before and after reaction vlog. Did anyone else have an A Level Maths exam today? Let us know how you got on!Anna's YouTube channel: and subscribe for more great GCSE and A Level content this exam season.#byteens #maths #alevels #examseason2019We know exam time can be tough. There are links below for organisations that can help if you need more support during exam time:The Mix – A confidential helpline, email or chat counselling for young people. Freephone advice line. Childline – Advice for coping with exam stress and 24hr free advice line. Young Minds – As well their own free helpline, there are also details of many other places you can look for support. BBC Bitesize – Support around revision, getting through exams and taking care of your wellbeing.

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