AKROBETO BACK TO SCHOOL kumawood twi movie latest

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Checkers easy


while loading it lock up my ps3 three times. after the third time i stop going back.


hey at 14:14, to the left there was a 5th gun that the chicken dropped, it looked different from the cluckshot, was that just your gun that you switched out. it doesn't seem like it, when the chicken came it dropped 5 items and you only picked up 4. might be a different gun

Sa Hal

Heard about that

Rose Mind

Literally the best host!

kanishk blog

My favourite footballteam is Argentina


so my half asleep ass was listening 2 this shit when i hear her shout at her dad and i just screamed ' sis when'

Arthur Fonzarelli.

Fun with guru is amazing


Wtf my device isn't compatible. Optimus s... ima cry now

Molly W.

Is anyone else wondering what exactly he did in prison? Did he, like, step on other people’s feet? Or lick the walls? Or... make love to the guards? Y’know, manipulating them to let him out early? I’m imagining him being like, “Bye, see you soon, baby”, and the guard saying back, “Babe don’t leave, I need you to keep me warm at night!”. 😂😂😂

Lochie O'Brien

The quality of your videos are only getting better. Ive been a long time subscriber and I love your videos man. Keep up the good work :)

Sanjeev Sood


There's going to be a sequel!?

Cleiton Ernandes

Só eu do Brasil???

Too late!!-

Rania Putri

#18 Trending in Indonesia


I'm trying to figure out your character race, class and the locations exactly.


Looks like they forgot to set up the other camera angle for the shot, and then messed up the re-creation of it.Oh well, still a sick shot!

//Gacha Nikki\\

6:20 When I realize she’s a food xD

Tamjeed Siraj

Garett's plane is best

Laura Hernandez

My Favorite Driver Is James Buscher and Ricky Stenhouse Jr


I am a psychopath

Mpmpz 14

Stopped watching Stranger Things 2 for this

Queen cake paws

Why is bullied being cencored?

Jacqueline Diaz

Psycho breaks in our home