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One of my previous vocal coaches gave me a CD of warm-ups/vocalizes to use at home or wherever, so I thought I would upload it with an accompanying video to help out others looking for warm-ups online, and also so that I could find my warm-ups when I am on the go.Enjoy, don't strain your voice, and contact me with any questions!Also I'm so sorry the last 4 minutes got cut off! Excuse that :( I will see if I can fix it and upload again.

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where do i get your merch

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della amanda putri

Dude perfect kok bisa ngomong bahasa indo lihat judulnya


Tom Brady Edition coming soon

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I don't think this awkward dude was trying to be hostile at all. He was probably just trying to shove Lowry back up and into the game. If every fan who could reach Lowry had done the same, then he would have been safely and abruptly upright.. but the world is acting like Lowry had restraint by not fighting him?? LMFAO everyone has gone mad! Even if it was a hostile gesture... this is weak af.

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This was in gaming for you section for me XD 😂

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Other Movies : We have the Best trailersFrozen2: Hold Olaf and Sven


Dem English voice actors deserve more love and praise. 😭 They try their best and do a fantastic job at what they do.

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It’s funny how they are playing a soccer game in a baseball fieldd

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Do Infamous Second Son Next


You should have said Lux instead of Lumos. Because Nox is latin

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Anthony Rizzo from Chicago Cubs

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Rage monster is always the best

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Kill Deathanator


"F**k bLAck wIDoW iS UgLy"

Minecraft gabby 9 Reed

I always get ask what adhd is and. I was born with it I think and I get pick on but it's hard

Your size isn’t a book, don’t judge it.


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You didn't lose your life sweetheart, cancer spared you, stay strong❤

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are they still doing the golden ticket thing

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I have looked at what days I am the least happy. It turns out that the days that I get happier on the days I am the most productive. Keyword productive; because if you spend a lot of time working but do not get far then I am not happy so. Also, I am the least happy doing work that I do not like. So I have discovered that in the end to be happy you need to do work that is fulfilling and do not procrastinate on youtube. Apparently, I will hate myself after this.