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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Kid President and his Pet Hero, Annie the dog?!Annie really wanted to partner with Banfield Pet Hospital, and we thought there’s no better way than with a shout out to all the dogs making this world awesome! This video is about Robby’s pet hero Annie who has totally changed his life with her snuggles, puppy kisses, and competitive games of tug-of-war! Pets definitely make the world a better place! Tell us about your pet hero, because we definitely think #PetsAreHeroesTooGET MORE FROM SOULPANCAKE: SUBSCRIBE for new videos every weekday: SPOONFUL, our weekly dose of good stuff from across the web: STORE: our BOOK: us on FACEBOOK: us at: Visit our WEBSITE: do students react when high school boys are treated like women in Congress?? CLICK HERE to find out!

Maddox YT

The closest we'll ever get to reenacting 9/11

Jordan Kawa

I would love to be paralyzed and my parents care for me like that than not be paralyzed and only my mom care for me and no one else 😭 I think you should know if your parents would work 5 jobs for you they will do any for you no matter what you do

Big joe grizzly

dj khaled anyone

Gohan's future form

Im grandpa died too:(


wha'ts the name from that movie?

violet girl

3:15 true 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

shadic 950

I lost it when he said "journey is ghandi and abzu is keemstar"

ayesha nasir


Layla Beila

I had a seizure when he said "think".

tech nology


dev shah

Do a skydiving laser shot. IT MEANS WHEN YOU OPEN YOUR PARACHUTE AND COME CLOSE TO THE GROUND, THROW IT IN A LASER SHOT. You can also do a battle on it

Ayaan Gori


That's Freaking Phoniex Wright !


Sangeeta Mahto


Clorox Bleach

3,436,834, to be exact

El crack xd

Like pa dude perfect ignora badabun😉😉😉😉😉

Me: Is that all you're worried about . . .?

Prinscella Gaiming

At 1:25 is every question I ask but the question i mostly ask to is ,why am I here, why am I alive, how did I got here and does God even exist or Jesus even exist I can't decide if they exist or are they just lies that people passed

Tarun Patidar

coby cory


Lol who is gonna watch this

Jim zh

great vid, I liked the last part where you inflated the bulls head and then began to ride it. made me laugh a bunch.

Sean Krentz

In freeze frame football ty says “Team Coby, always and forever.” 😭😭

Elijah M.

Merry Christmas! Anybody get a PS VR? I did!

Carbine e


Josie Haines

WHO IS DRIVING THAT CAR???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guru plis do more videos because i wait every week in your channel for a video yours

Dance mama Dreamer

Where was the rage monster

Jordan Harrell

99% of comments: red head/brown hair

benjie manlapaz


Fun kaibe

1:24 the man looks like he does not even care in the world just stands they like this 😬 not even caring


Claptrap sounding like he's high during the double rainbow easter egg? lol.

Ben Murphy


saif ullah

the other cats name is panda!!!!!!!

Brayden K.

I died whdn he said he would throw a frenafd at someone and would tell them "christmas came early"

Jessica Alvarado

hmm strange that jake looks like david dobrik lmfaoo

Namgago Pham



Doge mod hahahaahah

Sajeel Hasan

Arkan just awkwardly standing around

javariah fawad

What would have happened if the most dangerous shot would have gone wrong😁😁


Its not an indie game you dumb fucker, its mojang

Talented Singers

Next watermelon

Awesome Boris green

Just Sue his ass and leave him

maybe not...

ava the wolf

Welp i dont wanna have any kids when im a adult if i want any I'll just abopt Any phillipino's here

Irosa LoL

It's raining Moose, Alleluia...

Wolfie Biscuits

Why do they Name These so dramaticly 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

random gameing

Miami dolphins is my favorite team

Miguel the master Chua

Did coby's dad die

HintOf TheGinge

that halo odst   destiny reference was awesome. i mean that is great secret by bungie there lol

Cody: oh trash talking 😂