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When you’re in trouble and trying to explain something to your parent but they keep cutting you off because they “don’t want to hear your excuses”

Trelly Penro

Mines March 24

Brae Lee

I heared at 1st "we only sold books" i knew this was gonna be Amazon, lol


From witch movie was the harry potter scene?

Me: Which car Should I take? Ohhh I have no car. 😩

Tracy Gunner

1 like 1 kick in the balls to the boyfriend

M. V.

I didn't jump with the dogs jumping out the window and I didn't jump at all with this game...

Kenny Chen

"i just don't want to do what Coby did"

Hey That’s Ann

Pinot ako like if you are to

Ελενα Λενα

im so sorry for your loss :(

SodaMay Jones

The word no left me to be... me. I’m still me and I said no more then I could count times :)

ish yo bio hedghog

creepy guy March 24 is mine to

Dark sky Mamat

November 2018?Anybody?Like if u.

Razzan Nur

ㅕㅗㄹㄹ숗ㄱ숗ㄹ5ㅛㄹ둏료효ㅕ효ㅗ효ㅗㄹ솦ㅊㅌㅁㅂㅈㄱ쇼ㅑㅐㅐㅏㅏㅓㅗㄹㄹ셔ㅗㅌㅋㅁㅇㄹ포ㅕㅗㅍ료ㅗㅜㅠㅍㅌㄱ홒ㄹㅇ솦ㅊ츄ㅠㅍㅊㅍㅍㅍㅍㅊㄹ솦룧료효ㅛ횰ㅇㄹㅎ룧ㅅㅎ룔ㅇㅎㄹ욯ㅇ롶훃ㅎ숗숗ㅅ stupid!

Sheila Jordan

Hello random person scrolling down the comments.


TYLER STOP CRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE


Laura Shook

Aww, poor soul. I hope his suffering was very short.

Ildiko Toth

U guys filmed this video on my birthday


9 years ago

Joe Amato

march 2019

Malik Archible


Aserryte S.

PlayStation/Nintendo gang where u @

drew a.

she said 👁👄👁🏳️‍🌈⃠

Dr. Prakash Puranik

Who is panda

Devon Mastay

Who's watching in 2017

Jeremy Argo



Has anyone noticed he's wearing a British flag on his shirt... To the USA team gym haha

Charlie Lavrinc

Thank you for winning Cory u the best

Raiem Yasser

Tyler is doing all the dunks

Not a single soul:

Troy U Leota

You guys should try mixing Ping Pong with Billiards.

Pittsburgh Josh

that shops is from iron man, thats pretty bad ass

jab 1435

DC and marvel all day

Brennan Leatham

At the first Easter egg you said that you played as Ellie while seeing the painting but actually that is Joel's daughter that ended up dying at the start Ellie came later

Ajay Abreu

I watched this video like 20 times you guys are awsome

Austin Baldwin

Look at the ball on the trick shot where they catch throughout the goal post... he doesn’t even catch it hahha

Life According to BHawk

You're my favorite channel keep the good work