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There are players that football fans hate and then there’s Ronaldinho. Everyone adores the Brazilian wonder. He has brought too much joy to supporters to be hated. His goals, his trophies, his celebrations: you know everything about Ronaldinho. Everything? Not really, here are 9 things that you didn’t already know about one of the best number 10s in history. ---------------------------------------Like this video if you want to see more episodes and react in the commentaries section belowDon't forget to turn on notifications in order to not miss the next videos.Follow us:YouTube - Oh My Goal: - Freestyle Football - Oh My Goal: Oh My Goal - Jellysmack

Brayden Hurd

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Blake Caruso

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Charles Davila

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João Marcos Vanini

Very well made video. We don't need to try and spot the Easter Egg, cause you pointed them just fine. Thank you for your effort. You've just won a like, and I'll watch some of your other videos, and maybe I'll subscribe if I like the content. Hugs!

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