Fairlane name was retained for the base models with lower levels of trim than those models which wore the.
Only 1,613 Torino GT Convertibles and 3,054 Torino Cobras were produced for 1971.
The new chassis was a perimeter design that was used to help give the Torino a quieter and more isolated ride.Next was the mid level "Fairlane 500 which was available as a 2-door hardtop, 2-door SportsRoof, convertible, and a 4-door sedan and station wagon.The "Detroit Locker" rear differential was included when the.30:1 axle was ordered while the "Traction-Lock" limited-slip differential was included with the.91:1 axle.Although the high-performance 429 Cobra Jets were still rated at the same power as the 1970 models, Super Stock and Drag Illustrated had disappointing results from its test of a 1971 Torino Cobra.In 1994, Ford released a limited edition of the Probe, marketed as the Probe "Feature Car but officially called the "GT Plus" package.Cloth seats are redesigned again and get new fabric Probe GT now has spoilers standard Front seats are redesigned again Rear seats are redesigned Probe GT steering wheel's leather is no longer perforated New seat belts with automatic locking retractors Rear ashtray and map pocket.The grille, which was normally recessed was made to be flush fitting, and the smoother rear bumper was reworked to fit the front.Dual racing stripes available in either white or saint louis escort services black started at the top edge of the front bumper and continued on to the back lip of the hatch, terminating just below the center light reflector on the rear bumper.Also introduced mid-year was a Torino 2-door Sportsroof model, which was marketed as a low price alternative to the.In addition to no rear down force creation this caused the car to become very loose in turns as per Musclecar Review.This package did not change Ford's advertised power rating of 335 hp (250 kW).Higher profile 78 series radial ply tires replaced the previously used 70 series bias-plys.The 428-4V Cobra-Jet was the most potent engine available for 1968, and is general believed to be under-rated at 335 horsepower (250 kW).The boost pressure was.3 psi (0.50 bar) in the vicinity of 2,500 rpm.
All models above the Fairlane, had an aluminium dividing bar that ran across the rear panel, between the taillights and inline with the reverse lights on SportsRoof models.

GT decal on rear bumper replaced with metal '24v' badge Rear bumper is redesigned Exterior mirrors are redesigned Heated exterior mirrors option is dropped Graphic equalizer is dropped 1996 "probe" badge stamped on rear windows is gone Door ding guards no longer are extended onto.Motopříslušenství, přívesy, cyklosport, balanČNÍ koleČKA, baterie, ŽÁrovky, NABÍJEČKY, batohy, hydrapaky, sportovnÍ TAŠKY.Auto Repair Manual External links edit.The 1972 Torino styling emphasized the "long hood short deck" look and had strong elements of coke bottle styling.The 4-door pillarless hardtop was a new body style for the 1970 model year (Chevrolet introduced this body style for its intermediate Chevelle starting in 1966).The hood scoop could also be deleted from the GT for a credit.Motor Trend, February 1970 Auto Editors of Consumer Guide (2002).Tippen Sie hier, um zu akzeptieren und zu schliessen.Bumper Brera Voorbumper Brera Achterbumper Brera.Steering was recirculating ball system, with power steering optional.Bumper DB-9 Voorbumper DB-9 Achterbumper DB-9.
Whitlock, Joe (June 1968).