8K VR Headset from China – BS marketing, very cool experience… - YouTube

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Leah Eggleston

You're not coming to Wisconsin!!!! :(((((((

GDYoshi Gaming

Aaawwww luc- oh chores

Duke The Staffy

Who’s watching in 2019

lucia rivero

Hi 😃

I'm very very impressed how you made this,video .

Drake Rodriguez

I see a p.o. 4:02

Květoslav Zelený

I'm still wondering why there is so much people that don't know Unreal series. Nice video BTW.

Zainal Karim

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Mattias Jeppsson

Are those card made out of iron ? 😂

Andrew Rowan

You guys are the best dude perfect

john carlo

It's called the magnus effect, it occurs with baseballs, golf balls, and basketballs.


3:04... a reference of what


He’s 119 years old and his voice sounds like a man wow

Sponge bob and Patric

Who was confused I say it in the American way who else

prem nair

I like all of you but i like coby more

Alberto Rodriguez

Like 9/11 :^)


For the 10 million point shot it should have bounced off the wing of the plane before going in but still pretty cool though

Beth Enger

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Kat K

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Ashley Oliver

That intro was sick

Kubra Anucur

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Vinita Goyal

The rage monster is awesome bro

KeelSteel 13

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Gisele Gailmarie Augusto

I'd rather break up with him than send sexy pics