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Can we all agree that these annoying things people do during Christmas and the holidays are SO annoying!! Which annoying thing was your fav?! Check out Eva's video here: @Alisha Twitter: @AlishaMarieSnapchat: LidaLu11**IF YOU'RE READING THIS** comment "snowman"Giveaway info::this is meant to be for my subscribers as a way to say thank you so if you’d like...subscribe to my YouTube channel!! both this one and alishamarievlogs!!open internationallyends Jan 10thBusiness: alishamarie@mattermediagroup.comHi hi!! My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about Annoying things people do during Christmas!! I do lots of videos about life hacks, diys, testing products, comedy skits, and everything beauty, fashion, and lifestyle!

Sam Spence

there's the troll by oxenfurt river that says "trololo"


Stay strong! Never give up!

Datdabbing Fox

Call of duty is fucked hyped for BF1


You forgot to add Dennis Jr. to the Mac's Famous Mac and Cheese.

FRESHBEETZ And FoggyDoggyVlogs Yee

I caught a fiss yes touch it NOOOO

Liliana Dinelli

Did anyone else notice the Dude perfect symbol looks exactly like jake Paul’s??

Daniel Hemmett

Garret with hair to me is weird I’m used to bald gar

Isaiah Amos

Gamile Theory anyone

Chris World

These are not that model there more real size, fighter jet missiles



Pokeshire Farms

Honestly tho, everyone is saying she's too fat, now there saying she's too skinny!!! People don't know how much words can have an impact on people. Imagine if someone is calling you ugly and fat. So you start losing weight. Then they start saying you're too skinny it's weird and gross. Now you feel as if you can't be beautiful either way. Which isn't true. You are beautiful in every way. I wish people in society would not just use only skinny models or actors because it's not always an accurate representation of beauty. Photos can be photoshopped. Everybody is beautiful, not just slim people.


kraft mac and cheese is nothing compared to kraft dinner :P

Feras Angel

Is it okay to rape in the 60s


Wow, only 1 dislike!! Keep up the good work Guru :D Youre amazing

Fortnight the Boss

Do you want with the Vikings

Cats12SomthingOrAnother cats

I'm glad my family doesn't drink

Corey Buck

lmao those shoes are so fucking ugly😂

James Joy

Absolutely perfect steak in this video too

Grace Naylor

I would love to see JSC jawbreaker palette review

Xgamesvideos Officiele kanaal


javier hernandez

genial bad bunny

A listening ear


at 1:57 Dammit! i don't care if he gained a skill i want to read the note

random pokeguy 2957

if you hate LGBT+ then just don't comment.

Chudgins // Roblox and more

Last to stop watching netflix wins $15,000

Wave Brie

She is so possessive towards her but when you don't do as she says she hates you... MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMANNN

Thatcher Hazel


Taevin Kim

Go team Coby

ahmed jubran


1 like=1 prayer

Alex Ogden

I love dudeperfect

3 Mom: It’s that damn computer

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wow very fun

thank you so much !

The Revolvers

You guys are the best!

Kawaii- Senpai

Hi i'm new to the dolan twins fandom. I hope we can all be friends. #Ethma #Greathan


if you pay attention elsa has the same outfit from the first scene of the trailer and the on last scene of this trailer. So is she trying to escape? and that’s why the troll thingy said something along the lines of “Her powers are too much for this world, but let’s hope they’re enough”


Fantastic! ;-)

TOXIC FRIEND WHO IS GOING TO DIE BISHHH! ░░█████████████████████████████


Omg I loved it!! ^_^

Rodrigo Juarez

Microwave a light bulb or titanium

Red werewolf Gaming

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