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Find out more about Digital Camera Mastery:this photography tutorial for 6 simple photography hacks that will finally get you off the AUTO mode... And start taking the photos you’ve been dreaming about since you bought your expensive camera!Then click here for more photography tips and tricks:


oh shet youre back

James Buggie

It is David I am a fan

Baldvin Ísleifur Óskarsson

Cody or tyler

Jacob Brouwer


pertti öpelikkelainen

Finland is best here is always snow

winnie brennan

Hi MinuteVideo - can I use your video for an internal training presentation on what is blockchain to non-tech people? If so, can you please acknowledge and grant permission for it to be used? many thanks!

Benjamin Reichle

I was the only one betting on Snoke


There's an interesting Easter egg in Better Call Saul. In one episode Saul opens the mail box to put his things in and inside is some car keys that look like the ones Walt uses in the Breaking Bad finale (I don't wanna be too precise incase I spoil the ending for anyone)

Zidan Iqbal

Dude that was perfect

Gacha Ichika

1:03 thats my mom. She usually embaress me like that LOL


Tom brady

I love you jungkook 😍

InklingFan77 Mettaton1936

I think in this video Cody is the new Cory


Vitamin c is needed to digest carbohydrates.


absolutely amazing end to a video

Manuel White


Justin Smith


Vinit vivek Toppo

The sweat guy


My mother divorced my dad and he begged her not to go/not to take us but... the court favored the woman (my mother) and he was just gone.... i haven't spoken to him in 8 months and this happened a year ago. She found someone new but he isn't so great he yells, and breaks stuff....


i was expecting you to edit in the plane flying around in the LOTR segments xD

Cried my ass off


3:06 I remember rewatching this scene over and over as a kid, i was always confused why I felt really sleepy

Ritul Sharma

Pool trick shot 2

Fez Babar


Joe Ingram

Billy won the posing competition


you can also find rapture records in the warden's office when elizabeth summoned you into the future

Shadrach Burks

The guy with the pool stick of sorry I can't remember his name but he is a beast is awesome my uncle is a bullmastiff himself but I don't think I'll be that good

X By Hideo Kojima

Out Of Ideas

I think we all know Batman probally is't dead.


if anybody likes 2 play zombies a lot add my gt cold mtn dew

Carola Aguila

That was the sml house wtf

Game Raider

Christopher Columbus did not build his own boats they were given to him 🙄🙄🙄🙄(I did a project on him in school)


Doesn't look like much of a graphical improvement to be honest, Squall even looks worse IMO. Still, I can't not buy it, FF8 is my favorite game... I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

De Beryl Alvaro

1:53 headshot dude

Cristiano Ronaldo

The last shot of Coby is unbelievable

Retaliator X

I s2g the dog better not be killable


Holy crap....frozone got a movie