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Maria Sonrisa

11:52 hahah, loved it! :D

Fire Wolf

Is 13 ''I thought he was right, because I never had a boyfriend, ever.'' Excuse me honey whAt? You were 13-

Anand Kumar Lam


rainbow g

Ok mas onde ta a bela adormecida

Dev Shanny

Guru kid is a hacker

Tyhir Scott

I wonder how many times they try

Special Artist

I don't know if anyone will bother to read all of this, but i feel like here would be the place to get it out. I have kind of a similar story. Ever since i can remember, it was always mom and maybe someone else, she was the prominant figure. Shes a hard worker, but manipulative, compulsive, abusive, and absolutely psychotic. I'm not lying about the psychotic part, when i was young i heard her talking about killing her boyfriend and burrying him in the backyard. A few of her friends said they would help or cover for her if she did. His name was soren, and the first male figure in my life. He was very bipolar, and really lazy. He would punch holes in the wall and mom would yell and scream at him,so before even 3 i knew every swear word there was. The police where called a few times, and once or twice she got arrested but always came back. Cps got called on her at once because i said she yelled alot and smoke weed, but she had me lie to the workers. We moved alot, and she just got progressively worse over the years. We where living in a studio appartment when she met Dave, and after a few years we moved in with him. She got so much worse after that, always screaming and yelling. She accused him of cheating, and hit me and insulted me alot. She called me a failure and worthless sometimes, and mocked and made fun of me for crying. She left bruises on my arms and legs too, almost never using her fists but whatever was in her hand. A few times she threw knifes. I developed a eating problem where it hurt to eat, and nearly starved for almost a whole year, barley eating. She started to take my phone, and got pissed off at me when she found i was talking to people online because of what i could say to them or reach out for help. I made this one really close friend, Julian, and we have talked somewhere between half a year and a year at this point. She took my phone and found that we had said some not so nice things about her, so when i walked out of my room to go to school she blocked the door and screamed at me about how dare i call her those things and how dare i talk to someone. She yelled so loud things shook, and i really wish i was joking. She eventually moved and we got in the car but not before pushing me over and the car ride she kept screaming and saying how she was going to tell everyone what a horrible child i was. She eventually took my phone away for a few months, and after the first few days kept making fun of me for crying. Then she realized i really do need my phone in order to survive (Julian means so much to me i will die if i don't have contact with him) so she got me a landline. She was really bipolar about me talking to him, and eventually took that away to. She started saying i was fucked up and a devil, and that i deserve to perrish. I got ahold of cps, and when she found out she flipped and yelled on the phone for an hour, saying she would neVer hurt her precious child and I'm just mad because my phones gone. She then started accusing Dave of rapeing me, so they would focus on him. Eventually she sent me to stay with dad for a while, and it was around mothers day (this year). I said i didn't want to see her, and when dad pushed to know why, i told him everything. Hes currently working on claiming full custody, and getting me counseling. Mom still texts me nearly daily, and dad said if she comes to this house or ever picks me up after school (schools ended) then he would call the police. Julian is my closest friend, and my boyfriend (hes the gay one in this gay relationship) and hes my lifeline. Things are getting better, but i have a list of mental illnesses (anxiety,depression,insomnia,ptsd) and I'm supposed to go to the hospital soon to get the stomach thing checked out. I did with mom but they just gave me pills that didn't work, and it is better now that I'm away from her (so it was stress related) but it's still there. Anyways im done ranting, thanks for reading i suppose

Cody N

Did you wear your underwear backward?

Paul Taggart

This is amazing


1:39 Panda dunking

Maichi GLYT

This is a true story, the 911 call is on YT.

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I hate gold diggers He than beloved me and told her to stop whining about me and since then my life got better and better but I still was scared of my parents and felt empty

Mariah Lewiz

People who romanticize mental illnesses left the chat

Mark Ramsden

The nuketown one doesn't work for me

8) Joanna somehow becomes the middle man between you and delivers letters to you from her cousin sky.

Amelia Dosanj-Mikkelsen

ty is sooooooo a rage monster

Corey Blair