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Chris Williams


Anwargaming yt

Patriots tom brady julian edleman steven gostkowski rob gronkowski deion lewis james white brandon cools danny amemdola whole team is good im the #1 patriots fan no dought aboit it

Gabriel Parrish

2:55 disgusting

Nhạc Việt Remix

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Furry Krabs

I don’t think that they knew that drew would throw for more yards than any quarterback ever

Dawson Acton

Hillbilly long bomb

Joseph Allen💪💪

օ ʋ ɛ ʀ ɖ օ s ɛ

Let me catch my daughter acting like that.

Velvet red now Owens

Ty is my fav

Smells Like Napalm

No-one suspects the guy witht the sniper...

(sick trick shots btw guys x)

Stew The Gosh Darn Noodles

8:23 when you forget there is a quiz on Monday and you didn’t study for it

Nolan - Films

Who the heck dislikes that!


Looks at comment. clicks (Show the comment)

Tim Walsh

My name is lucy!!!😜😜😜

Kondareddy Beeram

Use the archery to catch the fish

good video, it helped a lot! i'm visual learner

palm Olie

Ehh welcome to Netherlands

Krish 555v

Is anyone Watching In 2021???Can i know If you

Johnmichael Byrd

How dose Cody do all that stuff if he ate all that stuff

Jason Shay

mr. GRU where is the YouTuber called Mr excellent and I saw a couple Easter Egg videos she made and most of them are stolen from you wash his hitman absolution videos and put in Saints Row 4 videos you will notice if its stolen but he put a new intro and he changes the words

Cthulhu’s Abode

The way a lot of the sounds were mixed from 80s movies and TV are so satisfying to me. It’s like a low quality yet high quality cracklings to my ears.


YAYY!! You guys finally hit 1M! Sorry if I’m a bit late 😬😅

Destiny Heath

I mean she spilled a drink on him then proceeded to spray him with champagne. She’s the jerk not him.


Dylan Ravage

You used a remote

Kiko pichu

Thank you so much for this video. You cannot truly love another until you know how to love yourself.


this is awesome

Cyro Battle


Adele TA

I've watched this so many times and every time I cant help but cry while smiling like an idiot 💜😭😍😘


how to make this split screen video?? :O

Young XSO

Hermano that intro its everything, love ur videos. Thank u

Melissa Miller bro

Can Tyler ever stop winning

Rafaeru San

I love that ending! XD 😂😂

Cory=65 years old😀

Jordan Jordanov

I'm guessing... The True Partners (Crysis 2 Machinima)