4 Moments That Changed The NBA Forever

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Ben Mallory

who needs sleep, right.

Riley Schulte

Who's watching 3019


Doom Slayer

Nice meme intro...

Kian Millard

easter egg at 1:03

Maryam Foroughi

1:30 BUT SHE IS ALREADY THIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Marques Mogg

They say she fat but when the creator made her she look fine


Everything about this video is perfect, the cuts the lighting the color grade, the dancing the track is perfectly mixed. I love this song so much

Sen Mitch

😥😥😥💙🏁 I know this dude wouldn't want us crying all the damn time. But damn I feel like I lost a nephew.

NoVa Scopez

I'm English but USA USA USA USA

O 100 Ocupacao

Portuguese legends plis

4.The one who can do everything

Samuel Reese

Do Antonio brown next


Organized Enigma

You are by far the best explorer of easter eggs I've ever seen.

Isaiah Seno

Wow they took this Easter Egg stuff to a whole new level.

flyboy cam

Steven A been watching martin👀

Foreign Channel

Dude, Really u r perfect..

Mercy Garcia

I love the things

Under Watch

Lol i knew you ate protein because of the size of your arms...lol dude has no triceps at all

Haley Aldrich

1:44 emma lol 😂

Berk aslan

Why did you prenounce the words that start with "wh" like stewie griffin

Andrzej Perkowski


Emerson Redk

When you do your next Over Time bring a special guest your choice


The first person who popped into my head, was my ex-friend.


I really love this video :D The beginning is very funny an the end its scary