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Devon Beauregard

Love ur vids

Sofia Padilla

8:11. That's what I questioned myself after when my friend questioned me when I never yell. At least it's over.


Me and golf have something in common. We're both accidents

Patoren 3gou

A dubs very existence is whitewashing



Lani Sil


Moze and Fl4k are looking so fu*king cool .. it's unreal

Jaymz Keane

Your game selection makes me happy

Shadic Perez

R.I.P old guy 😭

Crazy Koala


Return of the Jedi 10/10 ( all characters are awesome)

Mariah Villegas

Jaclyn hill could never

Nora Quintero

These guys r awesome

Wafa Welva

i am impressed by the way you handle your condition...you are vry strong and you have love in your heart... Believe in yourself and go for it "I know what's going on here you are an influencer"

Samanyu Bhate

Do will love forever

Dr. Dummkopf

How the fuck...? How could anyone find that giant teddy bear? Also why was the door for it blocked off with wood and the bear magical appears after blowing it up with a shit ton of mines? The bear must be evil or some shit.

Ben Simpson

Did I just spend 5 minutes watching dudes throw plungers around?...Is this a dream?

Akash Mansingka

Cricket ka video


This brought me to tears. I’m male and was molested by my pears in the 10th grade. I told teachers and my parents but was told that I was begging for it and that I’m a wimp. I’m glad your story had a good ending. Much love ❤️



1:40 when you eat to much salt

Miraculous Miracles

When you don’t actually love your boyfriend but still accept his gifts 😂

BorderCollie Gaming

I started to cry watching this


RIP Halo 2 Multiplayer.


Hazy Year - Early Thinkin, My favourite song that I actually wrote a suicide note to. You can only go up when you hit rock bottom I guess.


I was so concentrated that when my pomodoro alarms rang it scared the bejesus out of me. I should be working.... BTw the Edward Scissorhands made me tingle from the tip of my ears to the back of my legs, I also wasnt expecting to tingle to the voice of Voldemort, it was weird hehehehe

the missing link

You mean stupid, boring and forced moments that look like a child's first wet dream? The opposite of maturity? James Bond ladies and gentleman. The shit version of mission impossible and Jason Bourne.

I only had a couple of friends who weren't toxic.

Vikram Bonakolluru

Who brought those balls back which they used afterthose trick shots🤔🤔🤔




Did anyone know that TY did not go in cool not cool

Dabin Buh

Why is your a carbon clone of my cat.

Ashna Vaidya

Ethan really called Gautam Buddha a Gold Lady 🤣🤣🤣

Simira's Crew

Im a very very very small Youtuber so please support me

- "Now dig on this!"


If you repeatedly click on ANY animal in the Warcraft 3 campaign (both frozen throne and the base game) they will explode, not all of them drop loot however


My Pappy (grandpa) passed away because of a heart attack :( I did litarly all of theese same things I feel your pain

Stay Strong

Who else thought because of the thumbnail and title that she became anorexic or had bulimia?

Toph Beifong

They forgot a sport Volleyball

Martha Perez

Wow! Very inspirational 😯


This is NOT 1 MINUTE

Joshua Michelberg

i always get stuck on the space levels, but i paid for the panda and the level editor, i love your game, seriously!! and if you could subscribe to me, that would be a huge honor, thanks!!

Lilpeesh 21

Ezekiel Elliot

Dude dude dude dude

Koral 1.1



when i heard this last guy it took my 2 sec to start singing :D