The victim was saved because the bullet struck a ruler in his pocket.
Hanged at Sydney for aiding and abetting the murder of Joseph Sutton, body handed over for dissection and anatomisation.
"The Leederville Murder Trial of Samuel Peters".In Charley's case, he was named specifically for being responsible for the death of Fred Simmons.Mrs Chapman died from the injuries received.The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Register.This execution was also botched; Hitchcock failed to escort yellow cigarettes die and remained struggling on the rope.Wallace and Watson were hangman Solomon Blay 's first executions."Execution Of James Ross, Alias Griffiths".Thomas Harley ged at Sydney for returning from Port Macquarie in defiance of his commuted sentence.Thomas Solder 15 September 1835 Hanged at Sydney for burglary."Glenroy Murders: Execution Of Green".Benjamin Harris ged at Newcastle for the murder of Constable John Rutledge near Denman.Originally sentenced to death in 1822 for burglary from the house of Robert Campbell in George.
John Timmins ged at Sydney for robbery of Stephen Hunter at Cornwallis.

William Cusack ged at Sydney for burglary at Campbelltown.(Convict - Chapman 2nd ) 3 Andrew Bates - Hanged at Hobart for bushranging.Hanged at Maitland for the murder of Peter Clarke near Murrurundi.A b Collins, David (1999).Hanged at Hobart for armed robbery at Stanfield's, Ralph's Bay George Lacey - 17 December 1827 - Hanged at Hobart for murder of Constable George Rex at Macquarie Harbour John Ward Flash Jack - 17 December 1827 - Hanged at Hobart for his role.The hangings of the, batavia mutineers in 1629, the first Europeans to be executed in Australia.Johnathan Boroughbridge April 1798 Hanged at Sydney for piracy after he and accomplices stole two boats with the intent of escaping the colony.
"The Latham Murder Execution of Fanto".