20 Minuten Brust Training für zuhause zum Mitmachen | Eigenes Körpergewicht | Ohne Geräte - YouTube

Dieses Brust Training für zuhause ist für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene geeignet. Einfach die Tipps während dem Workout befolgen. Du brauchst nur dein eigenes Körpergewicht. Wir trainieren die Brust, die Schultern sowie den Trizeps. Dazu bedienen wir uns den klassischen Brust Übungen wie Liegestütze, bauen aber auch etwas härtere Brust Übungen ein. Lass mir auf jeden Fall dein Feedback da, wie hart du das Brust Training fandest und ob es gerne leichter oder schwieriger hättest!Kostenloser Calisthenics Trainingsplan ► Gym Equipment:Klimmzugstange ► ► ►Trainer ►► Fitness Programme ► Outfits von BARBOZA ► Gym ► Media:Website ► ► ►


I love you

Chevy-Nova 1

Lol no powers

gianluca ciliberti

How do you find these do you search them or do you find them yourself?

Me: *cracks my knuckes* where is this boi? Imma 'bout to slap him and fight him! 👿


What was the weapon the Easter Egg gave you at the end and what does it do?

Me:can I stay home mama


0:27 cory is powneddddddd

HTX The Wild

Lol her fault

murad ahasan

Awesome video dude perfect

عبدالرحمن الربيعي


edward rodriguez

Where was Garrett at


Have you heard a new dark crystal movie 😐

UltimateDabzz ROBLOX

so inconvenient that since "Africa" was in the title everyone left the video, :proof- 5M views only published 2011 its 2018 and only 5M all of his other videos have over 20M like look at "Giant Nerf Edition Dude Perfect" has 47M views..:( and thanks for helping children in Africa :)

Jackson Meyer

1:38 look at gares face

Areena Bantawa Rai



Cool easter eggs, but the last one is very ridiculous :/ 

King Ston

Poor panda but I don't think that it hurt a lot to him cuz that big mask must have taken most of the damage right, oh and 2018 anyone

Jackson Repple

It would be funny to be one of the workers


The first time a game had me excited in a long time as soon as I saw a news article title. I hope it's as good as the Legacy of Goku games minus the first game of course that one was awful. I just wish it would be based on all three sagas maybe even including the old movies and parts of the series you don't see such as Goku on Yardrat.


you didn’t include talking warner’s nations of the world

Jeffrey Hollocher

Where did the narration come from? Did Kim Jong-Un say that? Source please :)

Wiguna :D

The background music is loud AF

E.T.B.A Gaming

Actually that hyped for what ever that terminator short clip was, really hoping it's a fps game.

Joanne Star


Boneless Sauce

i love it how panda just...there in the background

Michael Casas

GG means good game

Salomon Davila

🏈 🏈

Luka Jurisic

@Dude Perfect do grapling hook trick shot.


Idk why but i hate custom maps :P

-The "Forgot his homework" guy

Dana Assiri

You,Lele,Rudy. The same thing wow amazing we need more from these😁👍🏼👏🏼