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I think dp should do a bow n arrow fishing challenge for there dinner plans

Piano Lover

Please... Please.... Stop dog abuse!

Molly Carey

2:29 am the same ;)

Danny Hutchings

You mean football ⚽️

Talented Banana

Holy mother of god its a icecream truck!!!!!!

Black Wolf

This remeber me of my cousin... her strory is nearly the same than yours, until the fact that she was only 13 months old at this moment. Diabetes is really nothing to joke about.

ForsaKen NeoN

Welcome to 8.27 minute videos!

hey it's me


Micah Rager

Is ned lil dicky lol

tzuчu αh

I Hate My Boyfriends! he Always prank Me😭


Joe Mauer

Joshua Campos

I respect the king over the clown, but no comeback after Wendy said her piece, queen beef

prakhar pandey

Is this a movie or a game!!

UBC_ Akinori

My favorite is rage monster

Ted Comet

Elsa soo dumb just make an ice boat

Oğuzhan Akalın

Vay amk


Looks awful


this is how a trailer should be made. i'm so confused and so curios that i want to actually watch the movie.

Charline Spadoni



it's not even out yet and i already want a frozen 3


2:35 i thought she bit her hand

David Campuzano

Mispronounced Duplica 😡😡😡 if you watched the anime any it'd not be so..

the character are very memorable though

Mike Ost


Anyamelisa C

I’m literally crying so hard 😞😭😭😞😭😥😭😞

shampa karim

3:45 I read that as 'the rapist'

sinat andy

I’m sorry!

splash bros

your good at trick shots

2 secondss

Metal reforce

I guess 10

Mattia Toffanin

Anyone else here in 2030?

Maria Maculans

you should do school sterotypes

Traci Simmons

Ive been called a slut by my gym teacher before but we never make eye contact

I hadn't watched this vice video then i wouldve taken a picture

Harrison Scalf

I think they should have Michael do a recurd

ouali mouhib

the best



Luna Heavens

I don't get Flash's.... What does it mean?


dont care. looks bad in HD... the interface with health is WAY too big, looks really bad. shouldve just re-released PS1 and old ps1 games... dont bother remastering them.


0:46 You use THAT much butter? Jesus Christ!

josh hamley

I've met the x pogo gang before

Lorenzo Lorenzo

Why are all theese people thai but speak such good english

Митяй Воронцов

Words "Jimmy Kimmel" already scare people

mo man aj

Anyone else think this was Joanna the whole time with a fake account


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