Gary Weisz of Sandpoint, Idaho, has just shown us the opium can lids he collected at a series of isolated sites along the Northern Pacific railroad in western Montana.
What did it actually prohibit?Just what is its origin? However since both of those familiar brands are said to originate in Kwangchow-wan, it is possible that the assembling was done in the factory at that port Kwangchow-Wan Brands and the French Connection Note 1 : New York Times p 24, p 29,. Even making an informed guess is difficult.But the ratio of illegitimate births was relatively low, albeit a constant topic of drama in poetry, painting and fiction - notable examples being the outcast single mothers depicted in paintings buffalo new york male escorts by Richard Redgrave and Fred Walker, and in fiction by George Eliot's Hetty Sorrel. One or both of these brands dominate most in-situ assemblages of commercial opium containers, as at Kam Wah Chung in John Day, Oregon.That is to say, Nos(t)-alg-ia or condition of "our" "pain or longing." I cannot find a reference to it etymologically.Hull's 1885 report to the Iowa Board of Health indicates that much larger quantities of non-smoking high-morphine opium may have been entering the country. Then, a little after dark, an innocent fishing boat with a pile of nets conspicuously displayed on deck, a couple of men lounging around and one man at the wheel, slips out of the harbor and stands out into the Straits of Fuca.If youre interested in Victorian culture, crime, and the rise of modern forensics (which you must be because you clicked on this post its definitely worth a read.This, then, is China, and travelers' tales are but too true.Your first impulse is, naturally, to inquire as to this stranger's provenance, but you are suddenly gripped by a strange, dreamlike musing on a word you never use, yet have caught issuing from your own startled mouth. .By the 21st century there were some four million Web sites devoted to pornography, containing more than a quarter of a billion pagesin other words, more than 10 percent of the Web.Dear Word Detective: How did the expression "Katie bar the door" come about?I'm glad you asked that question. .

Please consider donating to support The Word Detective website. White French smokers may have preferred coed environments The room resembles a luxurious tent.Margaret Morrison This page was last updated: August 30, 2018 Top of This Page Go to Home Page Go to Topics Page Opium Cans from Australia: The Hong Kong-North American Connection At last-hard evidence that Hong Kong opium refiners shipped the same products to places. Both were active, successful businessmen, and Doc Hay was a busy, well-regarded herbal doctor as well. One is more surprised, however, to learn that France, or at least local French officials in Kwang-Chou Wan (which they spelled Kouang-Tchéou-Wan had an equally unconcerned attitude.A great nation has fallen a prey to the insidious drug, and her utter annihilation is but an affair of time!Who ever sees in China a tipsy man reeling about a crowded thoroughfare, or lying with his head in a ditch by the side of some country road?The police discovered her letters to him and learned the she had purchased arsenic before mexico city prostitution laws his death. But it must be remembered that opium fell into a special category in those days-it could be auctioned off by the office that seized it and the profits retained by the office, partly to be distributed as a bounty to the officials involved. However, the fact that all of the empty opium cans found in the store after his death were for the two most expensive brands of the drug, Lai Yuen and Fook Lung (for more on these, click here indicates that the main user or users.
But they do seem to show that in the 1880s there were a great many white opium addicts in the.S., that the majority were female, and that nobody worried much about this.
Though the "bungalow" is often thought to be a quintessentially modern urban style of building, well-suited to the sort of congested sprawl found in many US cities, the word itself dates back to at least 1676. .