Pinched, shorted, and corroded wiring and pins.
If during testing; voltage was to fall below a calibrated limit for a calibrated amount of time the test will fail and set the DTC and MIL.
CPP circuit short to PWR Damaged CPP switch CPP circuit open in the sigrtn Damaged PCM When depressing the CPP switch the voltage should cycle from.0V down.
Insufficient warm up time Low engine coolant level Leaking or stuck open thermostat Malfunctioning ECT sensor Malfunctioning CHT sensor Refer to Thermostat Monitor in Section 1, Description and Operation, for system information.P1414 Secondary Air Injuction System Monitor Circuit High The secondary air injection system monitor circuit is high, indicating the electrical AIR pump is on although the electrical AIR pump was commanded off by the PCM.Damaged VSS or driven gears.P0350 Error Description Ignition Coil (Undetermined) Primary/ Secondary Circuit Malfunction Each ignition primary circuit is continuously monitored.Cam timing improperly set Continuous oil flow to the VCT piston chamber VCT solenoid valve stuck open Camshaft advance mechanism escort services murray bridge binding (VCT unit) DTC P1383 is a check of the VCT unit.P0301 through P0310 Error Description Misfire Detection Monitor The misfire detection monitor is designed to monitor engine misfire and identify the specific cylinder in which the misfire has occurred.P0121 Error Description Throttle Position (TP) Circuit Performance Problem The TP sensor circuit is monitored by the PCM for a non closed throttle position at idle.The test fails when the signal from the DPF EGR sensor continues to indicate EGR flow even after the EGR valve is commanded closed.A/C system mechanical failure Open ACP or vref circuit A/C sensor damaged A/C system electrical failure A/C clutch always engaged Verify A/C system function, including refrigerant charge.A short to power can only be detected with the low speed fuel pump commanded.OSS sensor circuit short to GND OSS sensor circuit short to PWR OSS sensor circuit open Damaged OSS sensor Damaged PCM Verify sensor signal output varies with vehicle speed.Check the PCM for Output Shaft Speed Sensor (OSS) DTCs.Check for other DTC's or drive symptoms for further action.

This condition will cause the boost from the supercharger to be bypassed to avoid potential engine damage.The air conditioning fan, heater fan, defrost fan all of a sudden quit working.If engine over-heats check cooling system.Check anti-theft system for DTCs.Eegr motor windings open Connector to eegr not seated Open circuit in harness from PCM to eegr Open circuit in PCM Short circuit in eegr motor Short circuit in harness from PCM to eegr Short circuit in PCM If an intermittent condition is suspected the.Grounded circuit in harness Damaged sensor Improper harness connection Damaged PCM iaid reading less than.2 volts with key ON and engine OFF or during any engine operating mode indicates a hard fault.
Vref open in PCM.
Grounded circuit in CHT harness Damaged CHT sensor Improper harness connection Damaged PCM chid reading greater than.6 volts with key ON and engine OFF or during any engine operating mode indicates a hard fault.