1960's Educational Film on Lunchroom Manners

Educational film from the early 1960's about teaching elementary school kids to behave themselves at lunchtime. Unintentionally hilarious.

Jonas SR

Im here close to having a perfekt familly and look at this video and Think wow that most been hard

English: Night of the Undeads

Goodnight Hypnos ASMR

This story is so fake oh my god

Sub for no good reason H

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Renan Colombini

as someone in an open relationship, this really sounds overreactive, I find it so weird why some people can't really understand that you can't really find everything you want in a single person.

Desmond Laughlin


LittleMidget Vlogger

is the word "bullying" a bad word.

Achilles Buena

0:40 the illusion fall!! XDhi im watching your videos its cool you are awesome its insane

1. Because he went through all this bad stuff.

Mistah Monkayy

Cody and Luke's team name should be the CENSORED

Tina Patu

EW um underage -_-


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Arianna Van Winkle

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anime sama

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Candice Perry

Doctors should know what is wrong with their pateint

Eric Braune

Hi I watch you guys all day you are my favorite Corycan you guys play dodgeball and can you do the football in the hoop with your eyes closed

Madex Easey

wheel unfortunate is my second favourite but i think cew not cew just goes all the way

Pwedes Addina

This fall "The trolls roll down and fall"Ahh i see what u did there

Elizabeth Cavazos

6:19 HOLY @&*$


Does anyone Else Think she looks Like zarya from overwatch in the start

sabine schulz

Do you live in texas

Aqua Akita

The jerk Looks like rock Lee

2 - I'm hopeless from the Tyler rocket explosion It was beautiful

Maliya DSouza

You deserve everything but sadness and depression and I hope your new baby will be heathy and it will hurt and I will not replace you little girl but I hope you enjoy the rest of your life.

Eric Jaquillard

gta 5 Michael I herd it gta5 lie

Diamondplayz Roblox


xx Ahmet

Try to flip the wardrobe

Clayton Demny

that easter egg in mw3 is so sad, I mean you hear the last words that family said before the explosion

Darrion Freeman


Nick Feinberger

Make a video on a plane and through a basketball in to a net pllllllllllllllllsssss😂😂😂😂


I heard that in Black Museum you can see the lollipop from USS Callister. Signifying that his actions are now considered a crime.

I feelz you Bijju 3:

Game Culture

So is there a story for real?

TomatoTamato Gaming

What kind of drugs are the Disney employees on cause this looks like ACTUAL ASS


Chocolate plague? Sounds like a blacksploitation movie!! 🤣

Gio faria

pause play and keep pressing 5 ahahah

Ragya Verma

you should do a video with lebron james

Joel Taveras

That punch in the end was not intentional, Ferguson landed that almost simultaneous with the bell

king J the great

lmao is that dj khaled in 4:38 😂😂😂

Old Young

С Русского лайк) Если не сложно чекни мой канал )


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Santeri Hulkkonen

Shredder is trying to kick ethan out of the family. I mean just look at him in the pics. He's like get the fuck outta here

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Jaden Yang

That backflip doe lol

Jack Ferry

Probably the most forgettable video lol.


There are way too many poor and homeless people in America, especially in the urban areas. Universal Basic Income has to be enacted!

hi hi

I this is how anxiety workes then that one girl sitting next to you is anxiety and also that smile screams I'm going to kill you

Sam Mcnaught

Is that really what people think when they're asked to perform an English accent? 😂

Lizard Gerard

You are not ugly you are strong and I believe you are going to live

Liam Engelmann

samanta porter died during the development of finest hour there is an easter egg in that game to display as a memorial may she rest in peace