15th best geographer in the world

Unstoppable gains in my guessing skills----------------------------------------­------MERCH: Keyboard/Mouse/Headset:

sara haaland

Texas Roadhouse is way better than Outback!

Adhiraj Mullassery

Till idont know who is coby and cody

Liana Gentile

I’ve never seen your face before but I know that you’re beautiful. Some people just can’t see it. Btw I was crying the whole video it’s so sad but amazing at the same time! ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭




Pony easter egg.... welp, Ubisoft just lost a LOT of respect from me.

Respect Art


Idle Sun

The beginning of Juno gives me asmr everytime

Sidi Ahmed Howmy

You are the best

Umair Saeed

Authentic japanese 4 life

Korikung Darrmo nansie

This is why I love dude perfect... :P


I think halo 5 ending will create an interesting plot in the next halo

Angelo Caravello

12:28 I know that it's a sad reference but still I laughed so hard at this and I don't know why

Alpha Gaming

I live in Utah and am so jealous about the snow we only got snow one Christmas and it was like 3 in 😭

LEE Paul

Whoever thought that Pete Carroll would have success both at college and pro level? Regardless of what happened at USC, he won both the national championship and super bowl!

BS Killa

FF8 > FF7 fans unite!!!

Uranus is Weird

Wonder how much stuff they had to pay for by probably breaking stuff in the store

Michelene Piangco

I think Fistbump Guy was flirting with you, Jaiden.

SUTAYARI productions

don't worry Michael!!! you're not alone! I don't like the cloud either!!


1:02 .... sketchy arm motion on the part of the thrower... edited? Still awesome but touch up the edit lol

Sashrik Bhattacharyya

1 like = 1less panda abuse


My mom called me right before bryan caught the egg and it paused, so when I got back it looked like the egg was about to land on his head

Jacklin C

oops whar is sappost to be what

Theodrek's Randoms


Brennan North

My favourite rocket won

Jonathan Thomas

Very nice find :) Looking forward to the next video :) Keep up the good work, Guru :)

Rahma and salma paintly program Rahma and salma

No problem to were that😤😤😤

Allison Brandt

How do you catch an egg without cracking it?

dede xo

wait ty got a ticket

Connor Barrineau

Why is Tyler the rage monster? In the hunting types, he really did not know how to drive the bulldozer at all


Press F to pay respects #RIPCoD


The narrator is not someone to feel sympathy for. Don't be proud of her for apologising. She obviously has no idea what she did to that poor girl.

No door, Fuck you

John Stark

Buffalo bills do trick shots with nate peterman as your guest

Tony Stark

When there is an innocent video on YouTube

thunder M


Where’s Waldo Vs. Osama Bin Laden

Crispyjamas xD

Wait 1918 and he is commenting in 2018

Joshua Eapen

Those boats are so fast

Guruswamy Jinka

stereotypes of people in park

Coby. Subscribe

Nick Koch

such a waste of gatorade

Isabella Westfall

i was eating Ramen


I know i'm bit late for this comment but, there were much more easter eggs and pixelated lvls in the game, especially in chapter 2 and 3


What happened?? 👀

Because I’m ganna ask what is adhd..

Buck Quinn

Probably the patriots


my mind was blown at #7