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Jennifer Guan

this is overrated




you forgot the outlaws Laserdog. On a hill in one of the historical missions, there is a dog with sunglasses. Hes shooting lasers at you^^


The thing is, MOST if not ALL of these shots aren't even FULL court shots because he is throwing downhill, so he doesn't have to throw as hard.Also, his name is implying that he made them all in one try, which is complete and utter BULLSHIT.Give anyone enough chances, and they will eventually make these shots too.Sure he might make them in less tries, but this is what he does with his fucking time.As for creativity, I'm not seeing it.I just see a bunch of gaps and high structures.


You are filled with DETERMINATION


@StupidDog2010 No sorry I'm with the PSN.

But take that like cause the rest of the video is great :p

If anyone knows what I can do to help my situation or anything I can do to make friends or lose weight, that would be great, but at the minute, I just feel awful unhappy and useless.

Christian Haddad

Why your faith o.o?

Spare wolf mare Blow cnadles as far as you can


Jonathan Frost

the 3nd easter egg - i met someone in steam he's name is Jack O'Neil and hes name was at world at war* (Pvt.O'Niel)

music now

I am your#1 fan

Muddlehammer Games

row two 18th

Madelyn kavcar

Its not tyes fault for being so good and winning love tye

ashley marie

the first dress looked amazing and fit you so well


If you would have asked me what I thought your next video would be like. It would not have been this.

zohair ahmed

at 1:20 pause and look at everyone in the crowd carefully :)

Oh I get now

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Sebastian Carlos

It's the last of us' soundtrack, I think...

me: boring


The protagonist's name is Ahab and the helicopter is called Pequad.


liked for the madness at the end lol

ytgamingyt ytplayfromyt

tyler has vectory

Theresa Damiano


Alexandra Smith

I bet Cody is going to injure him self

Caritas Uwimana

We know your name Joseph .. all the way from Rwanda-Kigali... This was amazing💕


Hello people from the near future🔮


Pop out > pop out Again.Thats just fax

ƗmαNeάηвeAnシ llama

Who else thought she helped the girl cheat

Raging_Bolt_HP 420360

your making a video like a movie you so cool


big time


I know this comment may not mean much, but to those suffering from this disorder, hang on there! I don't know what you have went through, but I hope it gets better, <3

Thrash _09

I kept looking in the background to see how many Easter eggs you put in the background of the video. None so far, surprisingly.

Commander Peridot

What area is The Lie in?

Fakhrul Nazeem

Didn't expecting this would be this good.... Good job


developer loves the ladies

Range Productions

You are the best Jimmy Kimmel Sir. I love you.

Bomber 027

How's the video?Me: Dude, perfect

Madeline Evans

Blow up a couch next

asirun gaming

Stranger danger dander mom get the gun


wish I was her

Me: You look good

Savage Calbert

They are not world records

Hazel Kariuki

I'm 15 and 67kgs

Blue Collar

Frisbee Golf next??

SSJ3K Official

I miss the old smosh

shylaja ks

Pls do a vlog of giant soccer trick shot

Haley Polfliet

9:40 the tears in his eyes :') he really thinking wow i just did that

Dave Kolin

Esta Juego se hubiese llamado CYBERWICK 2077) Quien mas esta de acuerdo que keanu Reeves es un gran actor y quien mas vino por el aquí,,...

geo loves friends

alternative title: two grown men running around for 3 minutes

Tomer Ohayon


Griffin Rogers

I love the ending. When interpreting others works that's usually the conclusions I come up with


Introvert and person with social anxiety are two different things.