12:00 AM - GK by Sandeep Sir | Sports Related GK (Part-1)

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Kuzey Baykal

you forgot the scarecrow messages so you made a video to talk about the same old theory? 13 minutes to say "the movie and people behind the movie sorta kinda confirm this. it's as close as we can get"? wow...



the ryky 88

silent splash


This in my Recommend now?

Breana Marie

I always hate it when people with money blow money as a video idea but the fact that you each have money to charity makes it worth it

zeke soliz

me 2

Сергали Аманхан

Русские есть??

Nickoli Friday

There’s two pandas

My brain: ouch that's gotta hurt


Make more of these!Make one about the ball with the star on it,which appears in a lot of Pixar movies as well,pleas. :)


Congrats bro

Zoe Sheveleva

Your son is wearing a BEANIE god damn😂


I loved when the music suddenly changes in the videogame references part.

Naruto Uzumaki

Get French toasted

Lego Titan 3000

Ty go die but I love DP Jk on the go die Ty!

mehvan zaxo

This looks like uncharted 4 graphics


I can listen to this all day💖 their concept in this era is so AWSOME!

MidLife Crisis

you're videos are fricken amazing

Michael Liow Weng Lip

For some reasons the screams are extremely similar to Tobey when he screams as spiderman

Selina Narov

The cat's name is Tyler.

Produce guy

I know I don't have depression i'm pretty sure i don't the only times I get these thoughts are when think about after death and what happens. I mean I have some of the issues but not five and they happen rarely I really had it bad last summer just from huge anxiety from school I was going into 7th grade and without school to distract me I started thinking about after death which definitely did not help I also noticed I became a little more triggered at any jokes about nothingness after death I've noticed that now I can just stop any depressing thoughts out of my head its like I just stop all of those thoughts right as they start I just force my self to not think at least stop almost all thinking and then the thoughts just stop then every once in a while i'll get a bad thought but i can just get rid of it.

mary gotta find better friends

after a series of diagnostic tests read that it was a common cold and had to stay in bed at home for a week which left me with serious mental scarring


the ending of this game O.O

Delta-T: Blackout

old man breaks in

himo kadah

damn dude ur getting high in ranks and now with the 4k i remember watching you from the borderlands easter egg series

INFOTECH !!!!!!!!!!!

Sling shot was epic

But because I was religious they thought that I “hated gays” and was a “homophone”

Hakan Gençer

liked video without watching and im sure i wont regret.I'll watch when HD is avaible

CATG Office

your so cool

Anthony Freeman

These guys are great

wallah its jafri

who needs a ramp to do a two wheeler, sincerely the arabs💪✌

الورده الحمراء


Oliver Is Gay And You Cant Change My Mind

my older brother got cancer at 12 years old, it's not for people who are 50, it can happen to anyone

Richard Barrett

grate job

pewdiepie hlep call 18000 sub

I got a phone when i was TEN i love my mom and dad


Saying fat people are slow thats a stereotype because im skinny and my “big” friend can run faster than me

Miguel Betanzos

4:16 wii sports be like...

Reynold Santiago

Those guys are just a bunch of liar. Pure video effect

Savage KitKats

Poor girl I feel so bad I can barely handle my 8 days oof

Tj Jr

your welcome

Arthur Agneray

Every 10 seconds : YEAAAAAAAAH


6:10 that plate number said '00H OD0R'. Is that an easter egg ?

Seriously give this girl a medal shes the best


I read the book about ish and found some of the toys

Patricia Gastelum

Don't worry I have PTSD my parents blame me for their problems and I had depression so i went to doctors and they said that i need pills to sleep because of stress it still happens and my mom I fell like she is not there I hAve nobody to talk to so it is sad and I sometimes think about killing my self and I tell myself to please not think that so please if you have problems share them please even do I'm alone i don't give up anyways i love everything and everyone and seeing this videos make me feel sad but went they get to solutions I wish I could have that life but thankue if you read my story it means a lot to me.

Oi Oi Oi



Alex Man



Just kidding! ...*kids react... .-.