10 WAYS i started saving money while living in CANADA

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queen morgan

It's not ur fault you did not know what was goking on she loved you very much remember that



Fresh Yams

here september 2089

Karl Allan

Black Mirror Style I love this

Fat Cunt


Jaitam Sezzz

All r amazzzzinggz..i like it

Storm787 // Minestorm787

The Skyrim joke at the end is hilarious


Been with you since 120k bae

Chaos Omega


Can I please have some context

- duddixs

puts, vindo aqui pela 928492848° vez.

pauses video

robyn palsgrove

you should film at flipping out ex

Sports Seb


Nevaeh Guzman

I don't like this 😰

Angela Stevens

25 bounces

Bryan Ak

justin beiber as drake ? oh hell no...

PeOH_ Reaper

the idle tower

Benny Barnett

Coby won a battle in fantasy factory

Mercury Kelly0922

I was exactly 1 week old when they published this

Better than the other videos not a single breathing moving thing god created:

Jasparagus 30

Hot Sand isn’t a stereotype it’s a religion




Ty is so awesome he wins every challenge


he knows... read the description

Mario Ybarra

Poor guy, they should change the easter egg so that it says "What the hell maddison?"

Saiyan MGTOW

Gotta be honest. I saw this thumbnail and it on trending and I clicked just to dislike. I thought the necklace and the fact that it was on trending meant it was likely trash. So I clicked, I disliked, then I listened. I've now liked and listened 20+ times.... Amaze.

daboss 1314

"Milk in ma beard"

Curry Xxx

film me

Thiago González

Someone in 2019

Sylva Precious

Can you pls chose my story my name is Precious.full name chiamaka Sylva