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I thing the first one was better!

a thirsty hoe

by lana del rey

Peachy Tea Spill

I really love the artist's art style! If someone reads this comment. please, give me any of their social media accounts 😄

Ella ni trata y llama la atención

Erica Hill

Already loved her but she is a beast! Go Halle!!


it would be funny if she drops it

Troy McGee

the saints row one. thats the rabbit on the wall when kenzie is kidnapped in saints row 4

FlambeBrake 1234

Do trick shot stereotypes

String Bean

I have $350 in rc cars they had about 7000

Its the nile u idiot!!!!😂😂

Lincoln Phoenix

Ice shot

Jeff Pitcher

Good idea, this format works for me!

Ramen Lover

Next Video: My Dog Is My Mom

Angela Barragan

Ive been in a mental hospital too. It’s pretty relaxing there. It’s just the same as in the video but also we did support groups and it helps a lot

At least, You didn't hurt or did sucide to yourself .....

et0X _

So powerful

(Seriously, YouTube? Seriously?)

Nancy Pagaran sagusay

Hi mo a ko og ingana ha

Ølivage A

Didn’t your father molest you..?

10k subscribers without a video

And here I thought this was an actual movie Lol 😂

Juliet Moreno

If I suffer A LOT in 7 days imagine 5 months

Beener Mario

is fallout 4 a must get?

Phoebe Palmer

Your boyfriend shouldn’t care your autistic it’s not weird it’s just normal

Vnut K


Connor Feeney

3:40 me when my mom comes home with groceries


cody his name is coby


I don't like serena Williams because my cousin was the best tennis player before her. Her name is Chris Evert


Emmanuel Ita


Aaron Worley

...i do favor the Original Blooming Onion over wanna be's

Night Savage

I will send him a pic of my shoe

Fahd Osman

2076 anyone here


1:09 fuzzy face

Flossie Dewar

everyone is like "i came for the ass" but honestly i came for the 5 seconds of seeing bode miller!