10 FAMILY FEUD PODIUM ANSWERS & MOMENTS Steve Harvey Got Confused Or Laughed Over!

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Gallop apace, you fiery-footed steeds,


They should've made the sword in the stone impossible to remove..

Kid Arachnid

0:40 Shadman: Its free real estate

I didn't know what to write

ram bukenya


Jacko Shmako11

3:30 that’s the best one

「your name」

ghosty tousty

I wonder if the ashes are real?


The Office part 🤣

liz g.m

Just confused there's too much to say, about everything, but if that's what they like and that's what makes them happy, there life

The Naut

0:59 ooh BABY!


Pero Juric

For how long did it take to complete this video? Oh, not very long. Maybe 12 - 13 years.

Samuel Soenarko

06:26 that was fckin lit

Teflon HD

Usain bolt

Arhsyl Gaming

wow two easter eggs in one scene

ethan : " oh "


What kdrama is this?

John Scaife

First you wear a lebron jersey and then you wear a Stephen curry jersey. That's not right

Still i didn,t cry i had a glass dog it was white with purple dots,my grandmother was gonna throw it in the trash but i sayd it was still beautiful and if so a little broken i,ll ceep it!

Aunastasia Braun

You are so look cool dp!!!!!!!!

Toby Horath

Hold RB to flip... Wait What? How did you do that?

kunal sikligar

Try cricket


I cried

Songbirb Mcjean

I hope she gets her little sister back. It was so sad

Santino Villaplana

"Cobys bad at archery"

Sahara Jade

It’s sad when such a basic ass song has such a sad meaning. I can’t help but think this was made for the consumer not the artist. 🐑


Omg !!

Beauii Daciouss

0:09 coby the copycat

Leela Doggo

Why tf go to the US it's terrible there 😂

Jameson Brown



If KD is enough for himself why he couldn't win with the thunderlans?